Albert Haynesworth has no future with the Redskins

Aug. 14, 2010 - Landover, Maryland, United States of America - 13 August, 2010:Washington Redskins Defensive Lineman ALBERT HAYNESWORTH.

So now the Redskins have re-entered trade talks with the Titans for Albert Haynesworth.

Fantastic. The never ending offseason death ride continues.

I wonder if Mike Shanahan has the correct business hours for FedEx, because if he wanted to get rid of Hanyesworth so bad, he could have already shipped the mammoth defensive tackle out of town by now.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen says there is no deal in place yet between the Skins and Titans, because Tennessee feels that Washington’s asking price of two draft picks is too high. Quite frankly, I don’t blame the Titans for not giving into the Redskins’ demands considering a) Haynesworth hasn’t cracked the starting lineup yet and b) Shanahan clearly wants nothing to do with him.

Why pay full price for something when the seller is willing to give the product away for less than what its worth? Washington can play hardball with Tennessee all it wants, but at the end of the day the Titans know that Shanahan doesn’t want Haynesworth on his roster, so all they have to do is show some patience and they’ll get the player they want for cheap.

The best thing for the Redskins would be to trade Haynesworth for whatever they can get, even if it doesn’t wind up being fair value in return. This was Dan Snyder’s fault for paying a player $100 million and ignoring all the signs that came with said player. If he had bothered to do his homework, he would have taken a pass just like most owners and built his team through the draft for once.

Nothing positive is going to come out of this Haynesoworth/Shanahan/Redskins fiasco, so Washington needs to cut its losses and move on.

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Moss told teammates that he received treatment from Galea

Redskins’ receiver Santana Moss told his teammates that he received treatment from Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, who has been charged with smuggling and distributing HGH. But his teammates believe him when he says that he knew nothing about Galea’s involvement with HGH.

From the Washington Post:

Defensive end Phillip Daniels said Moss told a handful of teammates last week that Galea had treated him on three occasions. But Moss, a nine-year veteran, wasn’t certain whether he had received HGH.

“I believe he’s telling the truth. Santana’s always been a stand-up guy,” Daniels said. “. . . I believe in him. I support him.”

Moss told teammates that he received three treatments from Galea, two for his hamstring and one for his knee.

“As far as the HGH or anything, he didn’t say he knew what it was or anything like that,” Daniels said. ” . . . He was doing the right things, just trying to get healthy.”

It still doesn’t sound as if Moss did anything wrong here. Just because he went to Galea for treatment of his hamstring and knee, doesn’t mean he was given or injected with HGH. And if Galea did inject Moss with the drug at any time, it’s entirely possibly that the receiver didn’t know about it. Furthermore, if Galea did inject Moss with HGH without him knowing about it, then obviously Moss never intended to use the steroid as a performance-enhancer.

But maybe I’m being naïve in thinking that Moss is innocent. Maybe he sought out Galea because he knew that the doctor could provide him with HGH and therefore, a fast recovery from his injuries. Whether Moss’s intention was to use HGH to get bigger, faster and stronger or use it as a healing aid, if he knew that he was receiving the steroid then he should be suspended. And I guess there in lies the crux of all of this: Did he receive HGH from Galea?

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Mike Shanahan needs talking about Albert Haynesworth like he needs another hole in his…

Mike Shanahan seems to be at his wits end talking about defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who continues to be a ghost while the rest of his teammates work out at the Redskins’ OTAs.

From the Washington Post:

Shanahan took questions from the audience and was asked this question about his plans for defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth: “With all the money we gave Albert Haynesworth, what do you plan on doing with him?”

Shanahan replied: “I really believe this: You’re either in or you’re out. I don’t like to give people any attention that’s not with us. As far as I’m concerned if you want to talk about the people that work every day, that do the little things the right way, I’ll talk forever. I’m not going to talk about people that aren’t with us.”

I know it’s the media’s job to keep probing Shanahan about his feelings towards Haynesworth, but what do they want him to say at this point? He hasn’t shown up, so there’s nothing Shanahan can do or say about it.

“Hey, Mike. I know we’ve asked you this every day for the past three weeks, but what are your feelings about Albert Haynesworth?”

“Wait here – I’m going to go blow my brains out and when I come back, I’ll tell you.”

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Redskins sign Holliday; Haynesworth trade still a possibility?

The Redskins have made it clear that they won’t sit by the phone until Albert Haynesworth eventually calls them back. In signing defensive end Vonnie Holliday on Monday, they’re sending a message that they’re preparing for the possibility that their $100 million man won’t be around once the regular season kicks off.

Granted, Holliday is already 34 and probably wasn’t given more than a one-year contract. He’s hardly a game changer at this point in his career, but he doesn’t represent just another camp body either. Behind the 49ers’ Justin Smith and the Dolphins’ Randy Starks, Holliday was one of the most effective 3-4 defensive ends in the NFL last year. He gave the Broncos’ a solid pass-rush and was steady against the run as well. He finished the season with 33 tackles, five sacks and two forced fumbles.

As Haynesworth mulls over whether or not to show up to OTAs, the Redskins are readying themselves in case he never shows up again. In Phillip Daniels, Andre Carter, Adam Carriker, Kedric Golston, Maake Kemoeatu, Howard Green and now Holliday, Washington has no shortage for defensive linemen. And while none of those players listed have the talent of Haynesworth, the Redskins could certainly get by with them if they had to.

The Redskins foolishly front-loaded Haynesworth contract, so there’s not a whole lot of incentive for him to show up for voluntary workouts. He already got paid, so maybe he won’t show up until training camp. If the Redskins don’t want to wait that long, they could still try to trade him in hopes of getting something, anything, in return. Of course, it stands to reason that they won’t get fair value in a trade and therefore it might be in their best interest to wait him out in hopes that he’ll eventually show before the season starts.

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Snyder shows disappointment in Haynesworth

Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder told the Washington Post on Saturday that he’s disappointed in defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who has yet to show up to any workouts this offseason.

“I’m disappointed he’s not here. Absolutely,” Snyder said. “We’re expecting our players to lead by example, and we’re expecting our players to understand that they’re Redskins and they need to be here.”

If I paid someone $100 million to do a job and the person didn’t bother to show up to work, I’d be disappointed too. The workouts that Haynesworth has missed are voluntary, but Snyder and the Redskins feel as though they’re moving in the right direction and it would be nice if the team’s best defender would embrace a leadership role. Haynesworth’s situation puts a damper on what should be an encouraging time in D.C., especially after the team acquired Donovan McNabb in the offseason.

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