Redskins sign Holliday; Haynesworth trade still a possibility?

The Redskins have made it clear that they won’t sit by the phone until Albert Haynesworth eventually calls them back. In signing defensive end Vonnie Holliday on Monday, they’re sending a message that they’re preparing for the possibility that their $100 million man won’t be around once the regular season kicks off.

Granted, Holliday is already 34 and probably wasn’t given more than a one-year contract. He’s hardly a game changer at this point in his career, but he doesn’t represent just another camp body either. Behind the 49ers’ Justin Smith and the Dolphins’ Randy Starks, Holliday was one of the most effective 3-4 defensive ends in the NFL last year. He gave the Broncos’ a solid pass-rush and was steady against the run as well. He finished the season with 33 tackles, five sacks and two forced fumbles.

As Haynesworth mulls over whether or not to show up to OTAs, the Redskins are readying themselves in case he never shows up again. In Phillip Daniels, Andre Carter, Adam Carriker, Kedric Golston, Maake Kemoeatu, Howard Green and now Holliday, Washington has no shortage for defensive linemen. And while none of those players listed have the talent of Haynesworth, the Redskins could certainly get by with them if they had to.

The Redskins foolishly front-loaded Haynesworth contract, so there’s not a whole lot of incentive for him to show up for voluntary workouts. He already got paid, so maybe he won’t show up until training camp. If the Redskins don’t want to wait that long, they could still try to trade him in hopes of getting something, anything, in return. Of course, it stands to reason that they won’t get fair value in a trade and therefore it might be in their best interest to wait him out in hopes that he’ll eventually show before the season starts.

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