Moss told teammates that he received treatment from Galea

Redskins’ receiver Santana Moss told his teammates that he received treatment from Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, who has been charged with smuggling and distributing HGH. But his teammates believe him when he says that he knew nothing about Galea’s involvement with HGH.

From the Washington Post:

Defensive end Phillip Daniels said Moss told a handful of teammates last week that Galea had treated him on three occasions. But Moss, a nine-year veteran, wasn’t certain whether he had received HGH.

“I believe he’s telling the truth. Santana’s always been a stand-up guy,” Daniels said. “. . . I believe in him. I support him.”

Moss told teammates that he received three treatments from Galea, two for his hamstring and one for his knee.

“As far as the HGH or anything, he didn’t say he knew what it was or anything like that,” Daniels said. ” . . . He was doing the right things, just trying to get healthy.”

It still doesn’t sound as if Moss did anything wrong here. Just because he went to Galea for treatment of his hamstring and knee, doesn’t mean he was given or injected with HGH. And if Galea did inject Moss with the drug at any time, it’s entirely possibly that the receiver didn’t know about it. Furthermore, if Galea did inject Moss with HGH without him knowing about it, then obviously Moss never intended to use the steroid as a performance-enhancer.

But maybe I’m being naïve in thinking that Moss is innocent. Maybe he sought out Galea because he knew that the doctor could provide him with HGH and therefore, a fast recovery from his injuries. Whether Moss’s intention was to use HGH to get bigger, faster and stronger or use it as a healing aid, if he knew that he was receiving the steroid then he should be suspended. And I guess there in lies the crux of all of this: Did he receive HGH from Galea?

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