Ump pushes Magglio Ordonez

Joe Crede hit a dramatic game-winning grand slam for the Twins in the 13th inning to help Minnesota beat the Tigers 14-10 on Wednesday night.

But Crede’s slam took a back seat to an incident during the seventh inning when Detroit’s Magglio Ordonez argued a called third strike, then became angered when umpire Paul Schreiber put a hand on his shoulder to usher him out of the batters box.

The second angle is the most damning for Schreiber. It clearly looks like he tries to move Maggs out of the box. As the broadcasters pointed out, if umpires don’t want to be touched (players and coaches are immediately ejected if they touch an umpire), then they shouldn’t be allowed to touch players either.

Considering this isn’t a routine situation, I don’t know what would be the appropriate punishment in this case, but nevertheless Schreiber should be suspended. Was his push malicious? No, but again, if players are immediately tossed for laying even a pinky finger on an umpire, then the same rules should apply for when an ump touches a player.

Special thanks to my buddy Fumo for calling me about this incident…and then threatening to start his own sports blog if I didn’t post about it.

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2009 MLB Preview: #14 Minnesota Twins

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Offseason Movement: The Twins were rather quiet this offseason, but they did sign free agent third basemen Joe Crede (formally of the White Sox) and pitcher Luis Ayala, who could contribute as a setup man this season.

Top Prospect: Aaron Hicks, OF
The Twins selected Hicks with the 14th overall pick in the 2008 draft in hopes he could become the next Torii Hunter. Hicks is a switch-hitter, with above average power and has demonstrated excellent bat speed. He could turn out to be a five-tool player, but it’ll be a couple years before we see him in the big leagues because he’s only 19. Believe it or not, many teams preferred him as a pitcher in last year’s draft; that’s how good of an athlete Hicks is.

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Twins sign 3B Joe Crede to one-year deal

After weeks of back and forth contract talks, the Minnesota Twins and free agent third basemen Joe Crede have finally agreed on a deal.

Joe CredeThe Twins will sign Crede to one-year deal with a base salary of $2.5 million with the chance to earn $7 million in appearance bonuses. The bonuses begin once Crede reaches 250 plate appearances and tops out at $7 million when he makes his 525th plate appearance.

This a is very, very good deal for the Twins. A $7 million base salary seemed too high. A $5 million base seemed reasonable. But a $2.5 million base really helps the Twins out from a risk standpoint. If Crede is healthy, he should play like a $7 million player. If he breaks down, the Twins have a good Plan B in Brian Busher and Bredan Harris. And there’s money available to add move talent – perhaps a free agent reliever like Juan Cruz.

Crede’s solid when he’s healthy, but staying healthy isn’t exactly one of his strengths. At least they have Busher and Harris as backups.

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