Twins sign 3B Joe Crede to one-year deal

After weeks of back and forth contract talks, the Minnesota Twins and free agent third basemen Joe Crede have finally agreed on a deal.

Joe CredeThe Twins will sign Crede to one-year deal with a base salary of $2.5 million with the chance to earn $7 million in appearance bonuses. The bonuses begin once Crede reaches 250 plate appearances and tops out at $7 million when he makes his 525th plate appearance.

This a is very, very good deal for the Twins. A $7 million base salary seemed too high. A $5 million base seemed reasonable. But a $2.5 million base really helps the Twins out from a risk standpoint. If Crede is healthy, he should play like a $7 million player. If he breaks down, the Twins have a good Plan B in Brian Busher and Bredan Harris. And there’s money available to add move talent – perhaps a free agent reliever like Juan Cruz.

Crede’s solid when he’s healthy, but staying healthy isn’t exactly one of his strengths. At least they have Busher and Harris as backups.

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