The Eagles should be ashamed

I don’t care that the game was in Oakland. I don’t care if it was just an “off day.” I don’t even care that they lost their starting left tackle. The Eagles should be freaking embarrassed that they lost to the Raiders on Sunday.

Philadelphia found out how important Jason Peters is to its football team in Oakland’s shocking 13-9 win over the Eagles in Week 6. Donovan McNabb was sacked six times and was never allowed to set up and throw. And when he did have time to set his feet, McNabb was either off line or his receivers weren’t open, which is amazing considering the Raiders were without Nnandi Asomugha, who didn’t see the field much after suffering an eye injury.

I understand this was just one loss and the Eagles will bounce back, but it’s inexcusable to lose to the Raiders when you’re supposed to be a Super Bowl contender. This was the same Oakland team that was accused of going through the motions after the Giants routed them in New York last week. Yet Philadelphia gained just 283 yards of offense and was 2 of 16 on third downs – against the Raiders.

It’s vital that Peters returns to health for the Eagles because if Oakland can generate a consistent pass rush, then the Giants and Cowboys will too.

It’s only right to give the Raiders some credit though. They looked like a JV team last week and instead of throwing in the towel they came out this week and fought hard. At times, JaMarcus Russell even looked like a NFL quarterback, which is shocking given just how bad he looked a week ago.

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The top five best, worst and most improved offensive lines in the NFL

There’s a secret that most good fantasy football owners don’t want you to know: Knowing how good (or how bad) an offensive line is could be the difference between you making the playoffs in your league, and winning the whole damn thing.

The bottom line is that the offensive line is the key to whether or not an offense is going to be successful in any given season. They’re the reason why guys like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brews are able to rack up terrific passing yards year in and year out, and why Brandon Jacobs, Michael Turner and Adrian Peterson continue to be solid fantasy backs. So knowing which O-lines are quality and which act like revolving doors to their team’s backfield will give you an edge on draft day.

Below is a ranking of the top five best lines, the top five most improved lines and the top five worst lines in the NFL heading into the ’09 season. Use these rankings as a tool to help you make better decisions on draft day and to also aid you when you’re stuck between a couple of players in later rounds.

Granted, we’re not advocating bumping certain players to the top of your pre-draft rankings just based on these rankings. The Lions offensive line is the worst in football, but if Kevin Smith is there for the taking in the 5th round, by all means jump on him. This article is purely meant to be a helpful aid; obviously you still have to use solid judgment on draft day.

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Boldin still an option for Eagles

Team president Joe Banner says that trading for Cardinals’ receiver Anquan Boldin is still an option for the Eagles.

Anquan Boldin“We’re always looking for players that we think can make us better,” Banner said. “I think we’ve proven many times that we’d be willing to do what it takes, whether it be a trade or do something with somebody’s contract in order to get them here.”

Given that the Eagles surrendered a first-round draft pick – the 28th overall – and a fourth-round pick to get Peters, they have less trade ammunition than they did a few days ago, but Banner said the team would not rule out dealing its remaining first-round pick, the 21st overall.

“There are teams that start the year with only one first-round draft pick and they’ve traded them,” Banner said. “If we made another trade with a first-round draft pick, we’d just be in the same position as them. I think we’ll do whatever we evaluate to be the best move with any of the available players. . . . Some of the evaluation is about the quality of what we have at certain positions.”

It would seem that the Eagles’ biggest decision right now is whether to go after one of the top running backs in the first round of Saturday’s draft or try to trade for Boldin or one of the other star receivers that could be available. Both Cincinnati’s Chad Ocho Cinco (Chad Johnson) and Cleveland’s Braylon Edwards also are on the trade market.

This is one of those times when a team official says something without really saying anything. Philly GM Tom Heckert has said all along that the receiving corps is set, although I could see the Eagles adding a wideout in the later rounds come draft day.

The Eagles are in “win now” mode, so adding a dynamic piece like Boldin is certainly still a possibility, but I just can’t see them giving up two first round picks and possibly a third before the draft even starts on Saturday. That’s just not the Eagles’ style.

Glazer: Eagles to acquire Jason Peters from Bills

Jason PetersAccording to a report by Jay Glazer of, the Eagles have struck a deal with the Bills to acquire left tackle Jason Peters in exchange for the 28th overall pick and a fourth round pick in this year’s draft, as well as a conditional 2010 draft pick.

Even though they still own another first round pick, this move would suggest that Philly won’t make a play for Anquan Boldin now. Eagles’ GM Tom Heckert has said all along that Philly’s receiving corps is set and apparently that might not have been a smokescreen after all.

If the Eagles can sign Peters to a long-term deal, this is a great trade. They still own the 21st pick in the first round and they filled a massive need at the left tackle position, which became an issue when Tra Thomas wasn’t re-signed.

Obviously this is a nice deal for the Bills too, although now they need a left tackle. At No. 11, they could have the opportunity to land Ole Miss’s Michael Oher, or Alabama’s Andre Smith if either of them fall out of the top 10. Some pundits believe that Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew would be Buffalo’s pick at No. 11, but that always seemed highly unlikely. If the Eagles pass on him at No. 21, the Bills might have a shot to land Pettigrew at No. 28.

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