Brad Miller signs with the Rockets

Chicago Bulls center Brad Miller (R) handles the ball as Orlando Magic forward Matt Barnes defends during the fourth quarter at the United Center in Chicago on January 2, 2010. The Bulls won 101-93. UPI/Brian Kersey Photo via Newscom

You can tell things are slowing down in NBA free agency when I dedicate a whole post to the 34-year-old Brad Miller and his new deal with the Houston Rockets.

Veteran center Brad Miller has agreed to a three-year contract worth $15 million with the Houston Rockets.

Miller attracted interested from numerous other teams but was strongly lobbied to move to Houston by Rockets coach Rick Adelman, who coached him in Sacramento, and guard Kevin Martin, who was Miller’s teammate on the Kings.

Miller said the opportunity was “too good of a deal to pass up,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

This headline jumped out to me because there was some talk about Miller joining the Super Friends in Miami and he ended up taking a far more lucrative deal to play in Houston with his old coach.

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Bulls need three OTs to force Game 7

I’m exhausted.

So far, this Celtics/Bulls series has run six games; four went to overtime for a total of seven extra periods. It was the only playoff series ever to have three overtime games, and now that it’s gone to four, I’m starting to wonder if this is the best first round series in the history of the league. It’s certainly the best one that I can remember.

As a longtime Bucks fans, I found it hard at first to root for the Bulls, but I’m really starting to like this team. Joakim Noah plays with exceptional energy and passion, Kirk Hinrich does all the little things in the Chicago backcourt, John Salmons is an up-and-coming swingman, and Derrick Rose is one of the most dynamic players in the entire league.

There were so many great performances tonight. Salmons had 35 points, and broke down Paul Pierce every chance he had. Rose had 28 points, eight rebounds, seven assists and a huge block on Rajon Rondo’s go-ahead attempt in the waning seconds of the final overtime. Brad Miller bounced back from missing game-tying free throws (and nearly having his head removed from his body) in Game 5 to post 23 points, including two huge buckets — a three and a driving layup — at the end of regulation to bring the Bulls back from the dead. Noah had nine points and 15 rebounds, and had a monster steal that he turned into a three-point play (fouling Pierce out in the process) with less than a minute to go in the third overtime.

Ray Allen carried the Celtics for much of the game, finishing with 51 points on 18 for 32 shooting. Pierce and Rondo combined to shoot just 9 of 30 from the field, but Pierce made 11 free throws and Rondo dropped 19 dimes. The C’s wouldn’t have stayed in it without Glen Davis, who chipped in 23 points.

The series moves back to Boston for Game 7 on Saturday.

How is this not a flagrant foul?

In case you missed it, the Bulls/Celtics series had yet another overtime game last night. The Celtics prevailed, in no small part to Brad Miller missing the first of two free throws that would have tied the game. In his defense, his lip was bloodied by Rajon Rondo as he drove to the hoop. Miller caught the ball in the middle of the court and Rondo almost took his head off. It’s pretty clear he wasn’t going for the ball. Why wasn’t this called a flagrant foul?

Glen “Big Baby” Davis is a flopper

Not quite sure about the choice of music, but check out this video of Glen Davis flopping after delivering a hard foul on Brad Miller. The best shot of it comes at around the 0:30 mark.

The bottom line is that no one likes getting hit in the face. Miller is known for his rough and tumble play so it’s funny to see him get bent out of shape after a hard foul.

The league needs to start fining guys that flop like this.

Much Ado About Nothing: The 5 Biggest Trade Deadline Teases

You can blame it on the Grizzlies.

Ever since they traded Pau Gasol to the Lakers for a bag of peanuts and some slightly used underwear, NBA teams have become more and more fickle about pulling the proverbial trigger. With the state of the economy, and some owners desperately trying to cut payroll before the cap and luxury tax thresholds decline, it’s a buyer’s market out there. And those buyers are looking for Gasol-type deals. On the flip side, Chris Wallace took all kinds of grief over that trade and general managers around the league don’t want to follow in his footsteps.

After two or three weeks of covering all of this trade chatter, the biggest deal to speak of is the Shawn Marion/Jermaine O’Neal swap and that happened almost a week ago. Sure, guys like Brad Miller, Andres Nocioni, John Salmons, Rafer Alston, Larry Hughes, Tim Thomas, Chris Wilcox and Drew Gooden changed zip codes, but I doubt any fans out there are sporting wood at the idea that one or more of these players is joining their team.

This year’s trade deadline was mostly about teams setting themselves up financially for the next two summers of free agency. Even though there were a number of big names bandied about, the Marion/O’Neal deal is the only semi-blockbuster trade of the season. And, barring some last-minute, late-breaking deal, we have these five teams to blame…

5. San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs were in talks with the Nets about acquiring Vince Carter and also spoke with the Bucks about Richard Jefferson. Either of those players would have been a nice addition, but the Spurs just don’t have the pieces (or the balls) to pull off a trade like that. They were willing to trade for Carter, but they didn’t want to give up Roger Mason or George Hill. So they offer the Nets Bruce Bowen and Fabricio Oberto. Great, the numbers don’t even add up. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t really think that the Spurs should have given up Mason and/or Hill to acquire Carter. They’re arguably the second-best team in the West and their current lineup, if healthy, is likely to give the Lakers fits if the two teams meet in the playoffs with a less-than-100% Andrew Bynum. Plus the Spurs are notoriously conservative when it comes to messing with their chemistry. Jefferson wouldn’t have been a problem in that area but Carter might have been. So the Spurs stand pat. Shocker.

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