HeavyMMA.com: Things learned from WEC 51

E. Spencer Kyte of HeavyMMA.com breaks down the things he learned from WEC 51.

Jose Aldo is Unstoppable
We all know that no one is really unstoppable, except maybe Megumi Fuji, but Jose Aldo is the closest thing we have to an unbeatable fighter on the men’s side of things right now.

Once again, Aldo demolished a top contender, feeling out Manny Gamburyan for the first round before burying the Armenian judoka early in the second behind a quick right, a big uppercut and some speedy ground and pound. Watching how quickly the bantamweight champion goes from stalking to finishing the fight is incredible, and it’s one of the reasons Aldo is in the midst of such a dominant run.

What is scary about Aldo is that (1) we still haven’t seen his jiu-jitsu game and (2) he certainly looks like he could climb to 155 and do just as well as a lightweight. His blend of speed, power and killer instinct doesn’t come along all that often. He’s going to be hard to stop.

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WEC 51 Main Card Results: Aldo vs. Gamburyan

In case you missed the action, Nate Lawson of HeavyMMA.com has the results from WEC 51, including the Aldo vs. Gamburyan bout.

Jose Aldo vs. Manny Gamburyan for the WEC Featherweight Title
Gamburyan started off strong with a big right hand, but Aldo looked completely fine with his power. Aldo looked to get his timing down, while the challenger looked to get to work quickly. Two minutes into the fight, and Aldo seemed content to display his patience. The fans, however, were not thrilled, pleading for some action. Aldo went back to the same style he had in his fight against Urijah Faber, landing several big kicks to the leg of Gamburyan. With 10 seconds to go, the challenger looked for a takedown, but the incredible balance of Aldo prevented that from happening.

Gamburyan came out with some leg kicks of his own to start the second, followed by a takedown, which Aldo easily avoided. Aldo looked completely focused, trying to find his opening to finish the fight. He found one with a quick one-two that staggered Gamburyan. A follow-up uppercut sent Gamburyan to the floor, and Aldo went to work. The Brazilian sensation unloaded on his downed opponent, putting him out after an incredible amount of punishment. Aldo def. Gamburyan via knockout at 1:32 of Round 2.

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HeavyMMA.com sits down with Jamie Varner

Jamie Varner tells HeavyMMA.com that he’s ready to beat Donald Cerrone and put his rivalry with Cowboy behind him.

On January 25, 2009, the careers of Jamie Varner and Donald Cerrone became forever connected.

That night at WEC 38, Varner put his lightweight championship on the line against the upstart Cerrone, then unbeaten and fresh off a victory over former champion Rob McCullough. Through the first four rounds, the lightweights battled back-and-forth, Varner scoring early, while Cerrone grew stronger as the fight progressed.

During the final round, Cerrone struck a downed Varner with a knee to the head, bringing the bout to an abrupt conclusion. Ahead on the scorecards, Varner retained the title, and each fighter earned a public perception that endures to this day.

Despite the win, Varner was labeled a quitter and a complainer. Some questioned whether he used his injuries as a way out; with Cerrone coming on strong, many believe the challenger would have left as champion had the bout continued.

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