Vikings finally fire Brad Childress

NEW ORLEANS - SEPTEMBER 09: Head coach Brad Childress of the Minnesota Vikings reacts late in the second half the New Orleans Saints at Louisiana Superdome on September 9, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

On the heels of a humiliating loss to their bitter rivals, the Minnesota Vikings have fired Brad Childress and named defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier interim head coach, per Adam Schefter.

I’m sure Anthony will have something more to say on the matter, but as a longtime Packer fan, I’m a little sad to see Chilly go. It has been fun to watch the Vikings’ downward spiral starting with their disappointing last-minute loss in the NFC championship game to the cluster#%&* that is this season. Childress lost the locker room a while ago, and since he’s not winning, there’s no point in keeping him around.

It’s possible that owner Zygi Wilf saw how the Cowboys suddenly became respectable once they made a head coaching change and decided to follow suit after the Packers took his team behind the woodshed on Sunday. Or maybe he just wanted to see what Frazier could do with this team for the rest of the season before potentially committing to him long term. (Though with the way the defense played — and bickered — against the Packers, the defense definitely has its issues as well.)

So let the speculation begin. Even before this news, there were already rumors that Wilf might tag Bill Parcells to come in and change the team’s culture. There are a number of other good candidates out there as well, including Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher.

And — gasp! — what if a new coach meant that Brett Favre might want to come back for another go-around!?!

Buckle your seat belts, people!

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Dungy says he wouldn’t hire Ryan because of all the profanity

SAN DIEGO - JANUARY 03:  Head Coach Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts stands on the field during the AFC Wild Card Game against the San Diego Chargers on January 3, 2009 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

While many people loved the first episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” with the New York Jets, former Colts’ head coach Tony Dungy wasn’t a fan – particularly of Rex Ryan’s profanity.

Dungy appeared on Dan Patrick’s radio show yesterday and when asked about the episode, the former head coach went as far as to say that he wouldn’t hire Ryan due to Rex’s penchant for curse words.

From Larry Brown Sports:

I’m disappointed with all the profanity,” Dungy said. “I think Rex can make his points without all that.”

I would not [hire Ryan]. I personally don’t want my players to be around that. I don’t want to be around that. . . . It’s hard for me to be around that, and if I were in charge, no, I wouldn’t hire someone like that. Now, I’ve been around ‘F’ bombs, so it’s not like it’s new. I just don’t think that has to be part of your every-minute, everyday vocabulary to get your point across.”

Dungy even went on to say that he thinks NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should give Rex Ryan a call to tell him to knock it off.

I would hope that he does,” Dungy said of the possibility of Goodell getting involved. “I don’t know that he will or not but I hope that he does because I just don’t think the league needs that. I don’t think our young people need to hear that that’s what’s done to be successful. Because it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Granted, Dungy is only sharing his opinion and it’s his preference whether he wants to be around profanity or not. Some people couldn’t care less about a couple of curse words, while others are bothered by them.

That said, I would think that the league has more pressing issues to worry about then the amount of F-bombs that Ryan drops on a HBO program. From domestic violence, to dog fighting to players getting arrested for possession of prescription cough syrup, Goodell has bigger things on his plate then policing what comes out of Ryan’s mouth.

And let’s hope that Dungy wouldn’t avoid hiring a good football mind just to avoid profanity, because if that’s the case then he could have a hard time filling a head coach position.

Dungy sees a blow out in Super Bowl XLIV

Tony Dungy sees the Colts beating the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV, which certainly isn’t shocking considering that he coached Indianapolis to a NFL title the last time they were on the big stage.

But what is surprising is to hear Dungy go on the record saying that the Colts will win handily.


“I think they’re going to be so far ahead that people are going to say, ‘Oh, ho-hum, he played a good game, they won by two scores, the Colts won their second championship,’ ” Dungy said of Manning on Thursday. “He’s going to have those rings Sunday night. I don’t think it’s going to be close.”

Dungy, who led Indianapolis to a Super Bowl XLI victory in 2007, said the Saints’ difficulty in closing out the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC title game was evidence the Colts will have a convincing upper hand come Sunday.

“Minnesota is playing in New Orleans, they turn the ball over five times, have two or three stupid penalties and still lose in overtime,” Dungy told The Times. “I don’t see how it’s going to be close. The Colts aren’t going to turn it over seven times.”

Mark me down for the Saints to win outright.

There’s no way the Colts recover from that humongous cup of jinx that Dungy just poured all over them.

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Dungy thinks Tebow should be a high first round pick

Tony Dungy made some interesting comments on the Dan Patrick show today, including how Florida quarterback Tim Tebow should be drafted high in the first round.


Dungy also had interesting comments on Tim Tebow. Dungy loves winners. He thinks Charlie Ward would have been a great NFL quarterback because he won at every level. Dungy said that Tebow is like that. He just wins, and that will translate to the NFL.
Dungy said if he ran St. Louis, he’d draft Tebow high in the first round. “Franchise quarterbacks are hard to fine, and I believe in this guy,” Dungy said.

Dan asked Dungy if Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Jake Locker and Jimmy Clausen were available, would he take Tebow over all of them. Dungy said yes, he’d take Tebow.

Far be it for me to question a man of Dungy’s stature, but Tebow isn’t a high first round prospect. I know he’s won at Florida, but he’s also had some of the best talent in the country around him, so it wasn’t all him. Tebow isn’t a prototypical drop back passer – he’s a battering ram built for the Wildcat or maybe even the H-back position.

Some Gator fans argue that Tebow can make all the throws at the next level. I disagree. He might be able to make all of the throws some of the time at the collegiate level, but he’s not a guy that is going to take a seven step drop and complete a 10-yard out route without having the defensive back jump it for a pick six. He just isn’t.

That said, Tebow is one hell of a football player and there is a place for him in professional football. I would think that a team would take a shot on him in the third round and use him in a variety of ways. But he certainly isn’t a franchise quarterback like Dungy is suggesting. Not in my humble opinion anyway.

Vick to be signed this week?

While appearing on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike In The Morning” on Tuesday, former NFL head coach Tony Dungy indicated that free agent quarterback Michael Vick could be signed sometime this week.


Said Dungy: “I think something’s gonna happen this week.”

Dungy also explained that his comments from Sunday night’s Hall of Fame game broadcast on NBC regarding the level of interest in Vick arises from the fact that a dozen NFL coaches have called Dungy for input on Vick.

Dungy said that Vick needs to “get with a football family,” and that the sooner it happens, the better off Vick will be.

We’ll see. Teams have only been in training camp for a little over a week, so general managers and coaches are still trying to figure out what they have on their rosters. Given the baggage that Vick will carry with him, teams aren’t going to just take a flier on him without considering how he could fit into their offense.

Regular readers know that I maintain the notion that the Seattle, Oakland and San Francisco are the most likely destinations for Vick.

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