Raiders won’t bring back head coach Tom Cable

Oakland Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable works the sidelines against the Miami Dolphins at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, California on November 28, 2010. The Dolphins defeated the Raiders 33-17. UPI/Terry Schmitt

In a shocking development, Al Davis has decided that he wants to hire a new head coach.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter via his Twitter page, the Raiders have informed Tom Cable that they will not pick up his $2.5 million option for next season. Davis is extremely high on offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, who was being pursued by the 49ers. The Crypt Keeper still had another two weeks to decide whether or not to bring Cable back, but obviously the Niners’ interest in Jackson spooked the Oakland owner.

Nothing against Jackson, but Cable should have been retained. The Raiders finished 6-0 against the rest o the AFC West this year and outside of Steve Spagnuolo in St. Louis, no head coach did more with less. Beating the Broncos twice isn’t impressive but going 4-0 against the Chargers and Chiefs (who will host a playoff game this Sunday) certainly is. Cable deserved another year in Oakland but because Davis is infatuated with offense (and is also bat-sh*t crazy), he won’t get that opportunity.

Jackson oversaw an offense that improved from 4,258 yards in 2009 to 5,674 in 2010 and deserves a head-coaching opportunity. But not at the expense of Cable in my opinion. The man transformed the Raiders from one of the laughingstocks in the NFL after the Lane Kiffin debacle, to an actual contender. Hopefully he lands on his feet elsewhere.

Update: According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Raiders have promoted OC Hue Jackson to head coach.

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Which coaches will be victims of “Black Monday” in the NFL?

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin watches from the sideline during the first quarter in their NFL football game against the Washington Redskins in Landover, Maryland January 2, 2011. REUTERS/Molly Riley (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

Today is “Black Monday” in the NFL, otherwise known as it’ll-be-interesting-to-see-if-I-still-have-a-job-by-the-end-of-the-day…day.

Below is a look at the coaches who are on the hot seat and what the latest rumors are about their job status with their respective team.

Tom Coughlin, Giants
Giants fans hoping that their team would drop-kick Coughlin and hire either Bill Cowher or former defensive coordinator John Fox might not see their wish granted. CEO John Mara was adamant Sunday night that Coughlin would return as the team’s head coach in 2011. The Giants have missed the playoffs the past two seasons but under Coughlin, they’ve made the postseason four times in the last six years. I would venture to say that Coughlin has one more year left before his Super Bowl credit runs out.

Jeff Fisher, Titans
Owner Bud Adams will meet with Jeff Fisher on Monday to discuss his future with the team. This one could get tricky, as Adams loves Vince Young but Fisher would rather stick his fingers down a garbage disposal than have to suffer another year with Young in his locker room. If Adams sides with VY, then Fisher will likely walk. If Adams sticks with Fisher, then Young’s time in Tennessee is over. The NFL Network reported today that if Fisher does leave Tennessee, then he might join the broadcast booth for a year so he can weigh his options.

Eric Mangini, Browns
Mangini had one year to wow Mike Holmgren and that didn’t happen. Holmgren was hoping that the momentum the Browns built at the end of last season would carry over into 2010 under Mangini but it didn’t. The team appears to be ready to move in another direction and word is that Fox is at the top of Holmgren’s wish list. Apparently Holmgren wants to turn Cleveland into the Carolina of the North, so Browns fans should be prepared for another season of Jake Delhomme. (I’m kidding! I’m sure Fox has gotten over his Jake Delhomme obsession by now…)

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Report: Tom Cable likely to be fired

According to the San Jose Mercury News, “all signs point to” the Raiders firing Tom Cable this offseason.

In the Raiders’ case, that means parting ways with coach Tom Cable and hitching their floundering franchise to another coach who has a fresh set of ideas and the patience to put up with quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

Managing general partner Al Davis has yet to weigh in publicly on the matter.

However, several people close to Davis say he is inclined to fire Cable and hire a new coach for the sixth time since Jon Gruden was jettisoned after the 2001 season.

When asked if he is expecting to be the coach next season, Cable said: “I am, because I see, and you all see, too, where this team is going, and what we’ve been able to accomplish in proving some things.

If Davis fires Cable and keeps Russell, that would be yet another horrendous decision in a long line of horrendous decisions by Al Davis. I’m not necessarily suggesting that Cable should be retained, but what has Russell shown in four years that would make Davis (or any owner, coach or water boy for that matter) want to keep him? Russell is absolutely abysmal and shows zero signs of ever becoming a professional quarterback.

At the very least, Cable should be credited for benching Russell and having a little success with castaways like Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye. The Raiders were actually competitive with Gradkowski and Frye under center, not so much with the biggest bust in NFL history. Personally, that merits Cable keeping his job for at least another year. He’s not the Raiders’ biggest problem – Davis is, with a little aid from Russell.

We’ll see if Cable is inevitably gets the boot, although if I were a Raider fan I’d currently have that horrible, Al-Davis-is-about-to-screw-us feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Report: Cable has had history of violence issues

According to a report by, two women have accused Raiders’ head coach Tom Cable of verbal assault and said that he has a history of violent behavior.

In 1989, Sandy Cable sought a temporary order of protection, which said, in part, “On two occasions, one back in ’86 and the other in ’88, he hit me. The second time in the face, however on attempts to call law enforcement, my husband would rip the phone out of the wall.”

A third woman, Cable’s second wife Glenda, said in documents related to the couple’s 2008 divorce that “in the past he has been physically and verbally abusive to me.” Glenda and Tom Cable were married for 17 years. She declined to speak to

“Outside The Lines”, but is currently receiving support payments from Cable.

Lutz, who dated Cable as recently as January 2009, said she remembers Cable hitting her “three, four times.” She described a scene in a car after they left a restaurant where “[Cable] just got so angry I could not recognize him.”

Last Jan. 6, Lutz said she came to Cable’s house early in the morning and found another woman there. According to a police report from Alameda, Calif., Lutz became “very upset” and “demanded to meet the woman.” Lutz told police that after an altercation, Cable “grabbed her by the left arm, causing her to fall to the ground” and “eventually pick[ed] her up and pushed her out the front door.”

Lutz went to the emergency room and was treated for back pain and a contusion. Lutz also told police Cable had grabbed her by the neck several months earlier.

Just when Cable and the Raiders think that they’ve put some issues behind them, this story reaches the surface. It’s unfair to speculate at this point because we’re just hearing one side of the story, but this can’t be good for Cable.

And the Oakland Raiders’ circus rolls on…

Raiders’ coach won’t be charged with assault

According to San Francisco Chronicle writer David White, Raiders head coach Tom Cable will not be charged for assault on former assistant coach Randy Hanson. There is still a possibility that Roger Goodell could suspend Cable, but that seems unlikely seeing as how police didn’t charge the Oakland head coach.

With this behind them, the Raiders can now move on and look to build off of their surprising victory over the Eagles in Week 6. That said, one victory isn’t going to magically turn the tide for a franchise that is still in dire straits.

While Cable can breathe a sigh of relief that he isn’t heading to jail, he still has the unenviable task of trying to turn JaMarcus Russell into a pro quarterback. Oakland’s defense played great last week, but Russell still has major issues with consistency, accuracy and his mechanics.

By all accounts, it looks like the Raiders like playing for Cable. They might not give the best effort every week (see Week 5 against the Giants), but players don’t publicly out their head coach in the media. Maybe things will start to turn around for Oakland in the near future…

…wait, I blacked out for a second – is Al Davis still there? Ah, nevermind.

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