Report: Cable has had history of violence issues

According to a report by, two women have accused Raiders’ head coach Tom Cable of verbal assault and said that he has a history of violent behavior.

In 1989, Sandy Cable sought a temporary order of protection, which said, in part, “On two occasions, one back in ’86 and the other in ’88, he hit me. The second time in the face, however on attempts to call law enforcement, my husband would rip the phone out of the wall.”

A third woman, Cable’s second wife Glenda, said in documents related to the couple’s 2008 divorce that “in the past he has been physically and verbally abusive to me.” Glenda and Tom Cable were married for 17 years. She declined to speak to

“Outside The Lines”, but is currently receiving support payments from Cable.

Lutz, who dated Cable as recently as January 2009, said she remembers Cable hitting her “three, four times.” She described a scene in a car after they left a restaurant where “[Cable] just got so angry I could not recognize him.”

Last Jan. 6, Lutz said she came to Cable’s house early in the morning and found another woman there. According to a police report from Alameda, Calif., Lutz became “very upset” and “demanded to meet the woman.” Lutz told police that after an altercation, Cable “grabbed her by the left arm, causing her to fall to the ground” and “eventually pick[ed] her up and pushed her out the front door.”

Lutz went to the emergency room and was treated for back pain and a contusion. Lutz also told police Cable had grabbed her by the neck several months earlier.

Just when Cable and the Raiders think that they’ve put some issues behind them, this story reaches the surface. It’s unfair to speculate at this point because we’re just hearing one side of the story, but this can’t be good for Cable.

And the Oakland Raiders’ circus rolls on…

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Raiders head coach Cable to be arrested soon?

According to a report by Yahoo! Sports, Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable could soon be arrested for an altercation during training camp in which he fought with assistant Randy Hanson.

“Everybody is trying to figure out who’s going to take over if Tom isn’t here,” said an assistant coach, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “John Marshall has a lot of experience, he’s probably the guy. But it’s nuts. It’s crazy when you start to really think about it.”

Although Napa Valley (Calif.) police have declined to comment on the investigation, quoted the attorney for Raiders assistant coach Randy Hanson as saying that Hanson told police he had been assaulted by Cable on Aug. 5 while the Raiders were in training camp. Hanson was treated for a broken jaw and his attorney, San Francisco-based John McGuinn, said three other coaches, including Marshall, witnessed the attack.

McGuinn did not return three messages left by Yahoo!, but told that the situation was “a textbook case of felony assault.”
These types of situations have a tendency to be overblown, but this is example 100,000,001 why the Raiders are the most dysfunctional team in the NFL.

The ironic part is that Al Davis probably loved how Cable handled the situation.

Did Raiders’ Cable fracture assistant’s jaw?

According to a report by Nancy Gay of AOL Fanhouse, Raiders head coach Tom Cable fractured the jaw of defensive assistant Randy Hanson during a fight early in training camp. But Cable denies that punches were thrown and is reporting that Hanson suffered the jaw injury when Cable flipped him out of his chair.

That’s backed up by what former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. Jeremiah’s “reliable source” said that Hanson broke a facial bone when his cheek hit a cabinet in a team meeting room when Cable flipped him out of his chair.

Jeremiah also wrote on his Twitter page that Cable reacted when Hanson spoke profanely to defensive coordinator John Marshall. Cable rebuked Hanson, then pushed his chair, which caused the injury.

There seems to be little doubt that something did take place between Cable and Hanson, but the details are shaky. There apparently was an argument between the two coaches and physical contact did occur, but it appears that Gay’s original report that Cable punched Hanson seems to be false.

Regardless, it’s hard not to appreciate this kind of news coming out of Raiders’ camp. I would question whether or not a report like this was true anywhere else, but not in Oakland.
Al Davis has to be loving himself some Tom Cable right about now.

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