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Not a lot of players have made a position change look as seamless as Houston Texans’ tight end Owen Daniels, who started off his football career as a quarterback at Naperville Central High School in Illinois and at the University of Wisconsin. But after switching to tight end for the final two years at Wisconsin in order to see more playing time, Daniels has developed into one of Matt Schaub’s most reliable targets. (He also has a Pro Bowl appearance under his belt as well.)

Owen was kind enough to chat with us recently about a host of topics, including what it’s like to play alongside the dynamic Andre Johnson, what he believes the Texans must do to get over the hump and which NFL safeties are the hardest to shake down in coverage. He also spoke about how the uncapped year has affected his contract status and how he hopes to remain in Houston long-term.

For more on Owen including updates on the Texans’ offseason, check out his official Twitter page.

The Scores Report: Hi, this is Anthony.

Owen Daniels: Hey, this is Owen Daniels.

TSR: Hey, Owen! It’s great to talk to you – thanks for calling in.

OD: Sure, no problem.

TSR: You’re a Naperville Central grad, right?

OD: Yeah.

TSR: I went to Neuqua Valley and graduated around the same time as you. I remember you tearing it up for Central.

OD: I appreciate it. We never played you guys in football for whatever reason; they didn’t start playing each other until after I was gone.

TSR: I remember we played you guys a couple times in baseball, but never football.

OD: Yeah, we definitely didn’t play you guys in football.

TSR: Did you watch the draft?

OD: I saw a little bit of it, but I was out of town because my brother goes to Princeton and I was at his spring game. So I didn’t see much of it, but I kept track of our draft picks and stuff like that.

TSR: How did you think the Texans drafted?

OD: I think we addressed some needs by getting a couple of cornerbacks and another running back. Let’s see, what else did we get…we got a linebacker and another tight end from Wisconsin, which is kind of funny.

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