Don Meredith passes away

One of the original members of the Monday Night Football crew passed away on Monday as Don Meredith died at the age of 72.

In memory of Meredith, USA Today shared some of his best lines.

“If ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ were candy and nuts, wouldn’t it be a merry Christmas?”

On teammate Walt Garrison: “If you needed four yards, you’d give the ball to Garrison and he’d get you four yards. If you needed 20 yards, you’d give the ball to Garrison and he’d get you four yards.”

His comment when Vice President Spiro Agnew visited the Monday Night booth: “I didn’t vote for you, but you do have a nice suit on.”

On playing for Tom Landry: “He’s such a perfectionist that if he were married to Dolly Parton he’d expect her to cook.”

Unfortunately, I was just a twinkle in my father’s eye when Meredith was doing his thing on MNF but I’ve heard these quotes before and they’re classic.

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Sports Illustrated lists its Top 20 all-time sportscasters

Sports Illustrated put out this list of what it believes to be the Top 20 all-time sportscasters. Some of these guys are before my time, but unfortunately, most of them are not. Anyway, here is the list and a snappy comment or two, as well as who they missed and who I’m glad is not on here:

1. Jim McKay—The Bob Costas of his time. McKay hosted ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” as well as The Olympics. It’s hard to argue with putting him on top here, but it’s also easy to argue for a few of these others to be #1.

2. Vin Scully—If I hear ol’ Vin doing a game on TV, and with the MLB package it’s nice to still hear him doing Dodgers’ games, I don’t care who is playing….I stop and watch, and listen. It’s just comforting to hear the guy’s voice, which was made for broadcasting baseball.

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