CBS College Sports offering free preview for TCU/Utah game

FORT WORTH, TX - NOVEMBER 14:  Shaky Smithson #1 of the Utah Utes celebrates with teammates after scoring a touchdown in the first quarter of the game against the TCU Horned Frogs at Amon G. Carter Stadium on November 14, 2009 in Fort Worth, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Thanks to Ty Duffy over at The Big Lead for the heads up on this. CBS College Sports, realizing it has the marquee game of the weekend, is offering a free preview today so people can watch the TCU/Utah game.

If you take a trip over to the network’s website and enter some information, it will tell you what channel you can view the game on.

This makes me extremely happy, as I really didn’t want to watch a pirated feed on my laptop, mainly because I planned on using the laptop to watch the Boise State/Hawaii game on ESPN3.

The game starts at 3:30 p.m.

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Treat Fantasy Leagues like Affiliate Programs and Get Your Friends Involved

Love sports? This time of year is a feast for sports fans. Baseball season is swinging for the fences; trying to figure out who is going to win each division and make it to the playoff is consuming hours of conversation both in person and on the radio. Baseball fans who enjoy the non-professional levels of baseball can watch the elimination games leading up to the Little League World Series and the Series itself. There are plenty of fantasy baseball leagues to entertain baseball sports fans. Some people treat fantasy leagues as if they were affiliate programs — and ask all of their friends to join their league.

Football season is also on the way — both college and professional. The preseason polls for the college teams — the Associated Press Poll, Sports Illustrated and ESPN — have all been released and the discussion and debates about team performances are actively brewing. The professional football season has finally just started — well at least the preseason has started. For the football-starved among us, preseason football is a welcome distraction from the dog days of summer. Fantasy football leagues for both college and professional football are available to give the fan another opportunity to participate in the sport. Even people who like the other version of football — i.e. soccer — can watch some matches in both the U.S. and Europe.

For people who don’t like team sports, there are golf tournaments. The Ryder Cup, which is a golf competition between teams from the United States and Europe, is selecting players and gearing up for early October. Tennis is working its way to the final major of the year, the U.S. Open, with the indoor season. Racing fans have NASCAR and the Sprint Cup to enjoy.

Although it is really hot outside, there is plenty of sport action to watch both indoors and out — with fantasy leagues for added entertainment.

XBox 360 Games are Bigger and Better Than Ever

As the fall sports seasons approached, many XBox 360 games users were eagerly awaiting the release of the sports game, Madden 2011, featuring Super Bowl winning quarterback Drew Brees as its 2011 coverman. EA sports returned with another excellent version, and Madden players from across the country are enjoying the latest installment of Madden, season 11.

Another sports lovers delight was the recent release of NCAA football 11, featuring former Florida Quarterback, Tim Tebow, as the 360 games coverman.

If the 360 games of football aren’t your choice, hundreds of thousands of 360 games users from across the world can be found nightly playing one of the 360 games most successful versions, Halo 3. Halo 3 is another of the 360 games that capitalizes on extraordinary graphics, transforming players into an alternate world of mystery, war and combat.
Halo 3 is the concluding chapter in the halo series of 360 games. The games are an award-winning action series that has sold more than 14-million copies worldwide.

Halo lovers are eagerly awaiting the expected October release of Halo Reach. The fall release is expected to satiate the worldwide cauldron of Halo lovers with another 360 game of epic proportions. Some 360 games users are calling Halo Reach the biggest release of 2010.

Other 360 games that are rated extremely high are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Red Dead Redemption, Bio Shock 2 and Dragon Age: Origins.

Whether it’s the high-flying combat of the NFL or the reformed outlaw, John Marston shooting his way through the old west in Red Dead Redemption, the 360 games available are certain to offer something special to today’s gamers. Users of 360 games rave about the quality of graphics and the affordability of ‘their’ games.

For more information on 360 games or upcoming releases, visit your local 360 games dealer, or type 360 games into your favorite search engine.

Sports and Custom Poker Tables Complete Every Man Cave

As the fall football seasons approach, friends and families from across the country will be gathering for Fantasy-Football drafts, and weekends of watching football together. Man-caves from the east-coast to the west-coast will be filled with college football fanatics, and die-hard National Football League fans cheering on their favorite sports teams as autumn turns into winter.

With sports viewing, comes the inevitable need for home entertainment. Husbands from around the country will do countless household chores hoping to charm their spouse into agreeing to those ‘necessary’ home purchases. Whether it be a big-screen television or custom poker tables, taking out the trash during a blizzard or fixing that leaky faucet are only afterthoughts, if doing those chores ensures the purchase that will complete one’s home entertainment offerings.

Sports are the great unifier! They bring people together on cold winters days to root for their favorite team, despite inclement weather conditions. Sports make people sit outside for hours in sub-zero weather conditions, even though the game is being televised locally. Sports remind us that every season is a new season and keeping hope alive might really help your favorite team win the big game. Sports makes a husband fire up the grill in January or get up at 4 a.m. for work, so watching the big-game that night is a possibility.

Football in particular, is the sport that ushers in the fall season. When the kids go back to school, it can only mean that college and NFL sports are just around the corner. When the leaves turn yellow and red, it’s a sure sign that Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are leading their teams into battle.

Sports give friends a reason to stay in touch, because seeing your college roommates favorite team lose a heartbreaker of get drilled by Notre Dame is oh so worthy of a late-night phone call.

Protecting Dogs from Parasites

Parasites Unique to Dogs

In a country like the United States, people rarely think of taking steps to prevent against parasitic infection. You get a few shots from the doctor, wash your hands frequently, and there’s not much to worry about. However, for dogs, there are entirely different concerns – walking outdoors barefoot, eating things off the sidewalk, and parasites carried by mosquitoes. You keep your dog safe, you feed him organic dogfood, you have him registered with the city, but unless you’re also providing him with Sentinel for dogs, you are leaving him exposes to deadly parasites like hookworm and heartworm.

How Parasites Attack Your Dogs

The heartworm parasite is a tiny animal that attacks some mammals. Humans are almost never affected, but dogs carry the disease, and can be infected. Heartwom is found all over the United States during the summer months. Once infected, the tiny worm lodges in the heart’s ventricles, and thrives off the animal’s blood. There are no outward signs for months or years, but by the time the animal is weakened from an infected heart, it is often too late to administer a cure. Hookworm is an extremely common parasite that can infect humans and dogs alike. But dogs, since they are exposed more to infected dirt than humans, are more likely to get it. Hookworms attach inside the host’s intestines, feed on blood and reproduce. The condition is painful, debilitating and deadly.

Using Sentinel for Dogs to Protect Against Parasites

Sentinel for Dogs is a once-a-month treatment for your dog to protect him against parasites. It can be obtained online. The treatment comes in the form of tablets that dogs find tasty, and eat along with their food. Veterinarians regularly prescribe Sentinel for Dogs as a frontline treatment against acquiring parasites, and keeping your dog healthy.

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