Protecting Dogs from Parasites

Parasites Unique to Dogs

In a country like the United States, people rarely think of taking steps to prevent against parasitic infection. You get a few shots from the doctor, wash your hands frequently, and there’s not much to worry about. However, for dogs, there are entirely different concerns – walking outdoors barefoot, eating things off the sidewalk, and parasites carried by mosquitoes. You keep your dog safe, you feed him organic dogfood, you have him registered with the city, but unless you’re also providing him with Sentinel for dogs, you are leaving him exposes to deadly parasites like hookworm and heartworm.

How Parasites Attack Your Dogs

The heartworm parasite is a tiny animal that attacks some mammals. Humans are almost never affected, but dogs carry the disease, and can be infected. Heartwom is found all over the United States during the summer months. Once infected, the tiny worm lodges in the heart’s ventricles, and thrives off the animal’s blood. There are no outward signs for months or years, but by the time the animal is weakened from an infected heart, it is often too late to administer a cure. Hookworm is an extremely common parasite that can infect humans and dogs alike. But dogs, since they are exposed more to infected dirt than humans, are more likely to get it. Hookworms attach inside the host’s intestines, feed on blood and reproduce. The condition is painful, debilitating and deadly.

Using Sentinel for Dogs to Protect Against Parasites

Sentinel for Dogs is a once-a-month treatment for your dog to protect him against parasites. It can be obtained online. The treatment comes in the form of tablets that dogs find tasty, and eat along with their food. Veterinarians regularly prescribe Sentinel for Dogs as a frontline treatment against acquiring parasites, and keeping your dog healthy.

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