XBox 360 Games are Bigger and Better Than Ever

As the fall sports seasons approached, many XBox 360 games users were eagerly awaiting the release of the sports game, Madden 2011, featuring Super Bowl winning quarterback Drew Brees as its 2011 coverman. EA sports returned with another excellent version, and Madden players from across the country are enjoying the latest installment of Madden, season 11.

Another sports lovers delight was the recent release of NCAA football 11, featuring former Florida Quarterback, Tim Tebow, as the 360 games coverman.

If the 360 games of football aren’t your choice, hundreds of thousands of 360 games users from across the world can be found nightly playing one of the 360 games most successful versions, Halo 3. Halo 3 is another of the 360 games that capitalizes on extraordinary graphics, transforming players into an alternate world of mystery, war and combat.
Halo 3 is the concluding chapter in the halo series of 360 games. The games are an award-winning action series that has sold more than 14-million copies worldwide.

Halo lovers are eagerly awaiting the expected October release of Halo Reach. The fall release is expected to satiate the worldwide cauldron of Halo lovers with another 360 game of epic proportions. Some 360 games users are calling Halo Reach the biggest release of 2010.

Other 360 games that are rated extremely high are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Red Dead Redemption, Bio Shock 2 and Dragon Age: Origins.

Whether it’s the high-flying combat of the NFL or the reformed outlaw, John Marston shooting his way through the old west in Red Dead Redemption, the 360 games available are certain to offer something special to today’s gamers. Users of 360 games rave about the quality of graphics and the affordability of ‘their’ games.

For more information on 360 games or upcoming releases, visit your local 360 games dealer, or type 360 games into your favorite search engine.

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