Behind WEC 48: Aldo vs. Faber

Friday is a day that fighters like Urijah Faber dread more than the fight itself.

It’s Weigh-In Day.

Today at 7PM ET/4PM PT, Faber and the other fighters that take part in Saturday’s WEC 48 PPV Event (sponsored by AMP) will make their official weigh ins in order to participate in the fight. Faber has to make the 145-pound weight limit that is required for his WEC Featherweight title bout against Jose Aldo and at 11 a.m. PT, he found himself 6.5 pounds over his limit.

Losing that weight shouldn’t be an issue as most fighters cut a significant amount of weight prior to the fight by sweating themselves dry, all in order to put that weight back on by the time the bout begins in hopes of being the bigger, stronger fighter.

As Faber put on the sweats and worked up a sweat at his gym, Ultimate Fitness, in Sacramento, Calif. some of his teammates provided me with a lesson in Mixed-Martial Arts, courtesy of AMP.

UFC Middleweight Mark Munoz, and WEC Lightweights Danny Castillo and Justin Buchholz showed the difference aspects of MMA from striking, to submission fighting, to wrestling. The three laid out the basic techniques of fighting, starting with striking. Munoz followed with a lesson on wrestling technique, while Buchholz and Castillo displayed submission fighting.

Following the lesson, the trio fielded questions and talked about the importance of team when it comes to a fight like Saturday’s Aldo vs. Faber bout.

“We are all sharpening each other,” Munoz, who holds an 8-1 MMA record, said. “It is like when you put iron into a fire and then smash it to shape it. We throw each other into the fire, but we know that it is to make us better.”

Buchholz has been responsible for mimicking Aldo during Faber’s training so Faber can be prepared for what he should see when he step into the cage on Saturday.

“I think I am a better Jose Aldo than I am myself,” Buchholz, who is 8-5 in his MMA career, said with a laugh. “We all role play for each other to help each other out, but I don’t dumb down what I do, I still play to my strengths in the training.

The fight team has been working on a game plan for Faber to make him as mentally ready as he should be physically.

“You always have a game plan and it is tough to stick to it at times but it is important to stay with it,” Castillo, who is 8-3 in his MMA career, said. “But in between rounds you have to make changes and modify things. Ultimately you need A, B, C, and D to be successful, but a good game plan will always give you an advantage.”

One of the biggest misconceptions of MMA is that it is all about physicality and strength. But in reality, the mental aspects are just as important.

“You have to train your body physically but mentally as well,” Castillo said. “You have to fight in front of a crowd and in front of the cameras and if you aren’t mentally strong or you doubt yourself, you are going to get knocked out.”

Mental toughness can also bail out a fighter in tough times, as was the case with Munoz in his last victory, a second round TKO win over Kendall Grove and UFC 112.

“I got rocked in the first round of my last fight and when I came to, I had a single leg takedown,” Munoz said. “I had no idea how I got there or what had happened, but it showed that when I got rocked, that I went with my instincts, and that was wrestling. That comes through training.”

The question of whether Faber is ready will be discovered Saturday night in his main event match with Aldo at WEC 48.

AMP Energy was courteous enough to welcome Bullz-eye to Sacramento for the event and we will continue to have updates throughout the weekend.

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