2009 NBA Consensus Mock Draft (6/25)

The draft kicks off (or is it “tips off”?) in less than three hours, so I thought it would be fun to publish one last edition of the consensus mock draft. I pulled in mocks from SI.com and ProBasketballNews since they are current and are well respected enough for NBA.com to use in their consensus.

If three or more mocks made a pick, then it’s considered majority rules and that pick is listed in bold with the number of votes next to it in parenthesis. For those picks that have two or fewer mocks agreeing on a pick, I make the pick for them. For example, the five mocks have five different players going to the Knicks, so I made my best guess — Jrue Holiday. I went with Jennings over Flynn for the Bucks at #10 because Chad Ford reported that the Bucks are in love with Jennings’ upside. Et cetera.

A few random thoughts…

– Even though the #5 and #6 picks aren’t true consensus picks, three mocks had the T-Wolves using one of those back-to-back picks on Stephen Curry, while three mocks had the T-Wolves using the other pick on James Harden — who cares who is picked first? (Besides the players, of course. Their salary depends on it!)

– I’d be a little surprised if the Thunder drafted Rubio and kept him. Although I don’t think it would be a bad move, as Russell Westbrook is too much of a shoot-first point guard in my opinion, Westbrook’s camp has been pretty adamant that he doesn’t want to move off the ball. If OKC sees Westbrook as a point guard, then the best fit appears to be James Harden.

– Tyreke Evans’ stock has moved up on the heels of two good workouts for Minnesota and Sacramento. I’d be surprised if he’s still around at #7.

– Minnesota is poised to come out of the draft with two pretty good guard prospects. Curry and Harden would be a nice addition to a lineup that already includes emerging star Al Jefferson and efficient power forward Kevin Love. I don’t think they’ll keep the pick, but how about Austin Daye at #18? DX has him rated as the #2 small forward in this draft, and if he turns out to be a player, the T-Wolves would be in business.

– The chances are pretty good that a nice point guard prospect slips to the Sixers at #17 and maybe even to the Hawks at #19. It seems unlikely that the Nets (#11), Bobcats (#12), Pistons (#15), Bulls (#16) and T-Wolves (#18) would be in the market for a point guard with those picks, so whomever slips past the Bucks at #10 and the Pacers at #13 might very well be available at #17 or #19.

– I’m interested to see who the Hornets get at #21. They have Julian Wright who can play the 3, but who are they developing at off guard? This draft is thin on talent at the 2, but Marcus Thornton and Wayne Ellington are both interesting prospects. New Orleans needs a guy who can knock down shots.

– Tyler Hansbrough was invited to the festivities in New York, so he may not be around until #16 unless the NBA wanted him there as the face of the senior class of college basketball. He could go #11 to New Jersey or #12 to the Bobcats, but both teams seem to have a stronger interest in a wing player.

– If Blair or Hansbrough are there at #20, I wouldn’t expect the Jazz to pass, but stranger things have happened. They’re probably going to lose Carlos Boozer this summer, so their biggest need is up front and both guys definitely fit the bill.

– The chances of finding a good center outside of the lottery are slim, so if Mullens does indeed go with the #15 pick or later, it’s going to be especially interesting to watch him develop.

– James Johnson has seen his stock fluctuate wildly over the course of the past few weeks. He went from being a late lottery pick to a late-round guy, and now his name is being mentioned in the top 10 again.

– As a Bucks fan, I’m not too keen on the idea of the team drafting a point guard when they already have Ramon Sessions on the roster. I think he’s better right now than any of the prospects in the draft, and he’s only 23. That said, I understand why they’d want to go PG in this draft since that’s where the talent is. I hope Jordan Hill falls to them, but I’d be reasonably happy with Flynn or Jennings. Between those two, I think Flynn is more likely to become a “Milwaukee guy,” but Jennings seems to have loads of upside. How would he and Scott Skiles mesh? Now that Richard Jefferson is gone, DeRozan is a possibility (though it’s a little worrisome that John Hollinger’s Draft Rater is so down on him.)

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