Lions focusing on Mark Sanchez instead of Matthew Stafford? is reporting a rumor that the Lions are focused on USC quarterback Mark Sanchez and not Matthew Stafford.

Mark SanchezWe’re putting this one squarely in the “rumor” file for now. But since this is a “rumor mill,” we’re not going to ignore it pending official confirmation or a second source.

There’s a rumor making the rounds in league circles that the Lions are focused not on Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford, but on USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.

As previously mentioned, the Lions apparently plan to talk to multiple players about a possible rookie contract. It could be that the Lions will float multiple names, and ultimately talk to multiple players, in order to soften up the expectations of the guy whom they really want.

I wouldn’t trust anything posts, but if the Lions do take Sanchez at No. 1, that would be the shock of the year.

Who knows, maybe Sanchez will be a solid pro. But he had some of the best talent in the country around him at USC and he was far from spectacular. He has limited starting experience, wasn’t necessarily great in the clutch and doesn’t throw a great ball.

Stafford might not have been spectacular in college himself, but there’s no denying he has pro talent.

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