Putting into perspective how bad the Bills are

The Bills’ 6-3 loss to the Browns on Sunday was ugly. How ugly?

Let’s look at some facts:

– The Browns were winless coming into Week 5 and the Bills were playing at home. In fact, Cleveland hadn’t won its previous 10 outings before yesterday’s game.

– The Browns had given up an average of 29.5 points per game in their previous four outings, yet the Bills could only muster a field goal.

– Speaking of points, Buffalo has lost three straight games and have only scored 20 points combined in those three losses.

– Browns quarterback Derek Anderson was 2 of 17 for 23 yards and an interception. How the hell does a starting quarterback win in the NFL by only completing 2 of 17 pass attempts? Only 11.8 percent of Anderson’s pass attempts were completed, yet he still was the winning quarterback.

– The Bills were charged with nine false start penalties. NINE.

Granted, the Bills are incredibly banged up defensively, but they can’t use that excuse considering that the Browns only scored six points. Dick Jauron is making a case to be the first coach fired in midseason and his decision to let offensive coordinator Turk Schonert go just days before Buffalo’s opener looks horrible in light of Alex Van Pelt’s brutal start.

I realize that the Bills have a highly inexperienced offensive line that is causing many issues for Trent Edwards and the rest of the offense. But there’s simply no excuse to lose to the Browns 6-3 at home, especially when Derek Anderson completes only two passes for 23 yards.

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Fired coordinator takes shot at Jauron

Following his firing over the weekend, former Bills offensive coordinator Turk Schonert took a parting shot at head coach Dick Jauron.

From ESPN.com:

“He wants a ‘Pop Warner’ offense,” Schonert said in a phone interview with WIVB. “He limited me in formations, and limited me in plays. He’s been on my back all offseason.”

Both quarterback Trent Edwards and receiver Lee Evans supported the move after the team returned to practice Sunday to start preparing for its season opener at New England on Sept. 14. Both indicated players had voiced their concerns about the offensive sputters to coach Dick Jauron, who ultimately made the decision to fire Schonert on Friday.

“I think everybody had concerns about it,” Evans said. “I think the basis of it was that things weren’t getting done the right way. And that was the cause of the change.”

Well that’s a good way to get yourself hired by another team, Turk – burn down bridges. The Bills offense has been anemic this preseason and if the players support the move, then it’s hard to criticize Jauron for his decision to let Schonert go.

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