Bizarre details come out in Melky Cabrera case

The New York Daily News breaks the story on the bizarre tactics used by Melky Cabrera to try to hide his use of banned substances.

In a bizarre attempt to avoid a 50-game drug suspension, San Francisco Giants star Melky Cabrera created a fictitious website and a nonexistent product designed to prove he inadvertently took the banned substance that caused a positive test under Major League Baseball’s drug program.

But instead of exonerating Cabrera of steroid use, the Internet stunt trapped him in a web of lies. Amid the information-gathering phase of his doping case last month, his cover story unraveled quickly, and what might have been a simple suspension has attracted further attention from federal investigators and MLB, the Daily News has learned.

This is a pretty stunning chain of events if true, and with the involvement of the Feds this story is just getting started. While the federal government has stumbled when trying to get convictions of high profile players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons, they have used leverage with witnesses to uncover improper conduct by players, trainers and others. Here, with the possibility that Cabrera and his associates used the Internet in a lame attempt to hide his activities, we might see this whole situation explode into a much larger story if the Feds decide to squeeze Cabrera to give up his sources and possibly other players. Stay tuned.

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The long-term dangers of taking steroids and similar enhancers

There is widespread abuse of steroids in our society today and steroid users range from bodybuilders and professional athletes to school-age children and executives. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) believes that there are half a million high school students who are now using steroids and who believe that this is not risky. Another study shows that over one million Americans have said that they have tried steroids. What’s more, dangerous dietary supplements that mimic the action of steroids are sold freely in health shops and over the Internet. People are encouraged in the dangerous belief that these supplements provide the benefits of steroids without the harmful effects.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic variations of the male hormone, testosterone, which occurs naturally in, both, men and women, the testes in the case of man and the ovaries in the case of women. The term anabolic means the building of tissue, mainly muscle tissue. Steroids are often prescribed for genuine medical purposes such as loss of function in the testicles, breast cancer and low blood cell count. Steroids are most commonly misused by professional athletes and bodybuilders who are seeking to build muscle mass and improve physical performance. They are all so used by people in occupations such as security guards and law enforcement who require physical strength and endurance.

People abusing steroids may ingest anything from one to 100 times the safe medical dosage and the length of the abuse will depend on their specific goals For instance, athletes may resort to steroids for a specific period of time while law enforcement officers or security guards may use it continuously The undesirable side effects of anabolic steroids include increased attrition and bad temper, bad effects on the blood pressure and the heart and mood swings. One side effect is also sexual arousal and some people take steroids to improve their sexual prowess. But, with safe medication such as levitra that is available, there is absolutely no need to resort to steroid abuse to solve your sex related problems.

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