Lights out for Matt Cooke

I’m starting to feel like a select group of NHL players are getting paid under the table to get into fights. Don’t we get a new one every couple of days? Still, who cares? l never tire of them, and their presence on the Internet will only help the sport, I assume.

On a side note, this is how I like my hockey fights. Nothing is dragged out — it’s just short and sweet.

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Hockey Fight! Janssen vs Leblond [video]

Bill Simmons is calling this the hockey fight of the year. To me, this is one of those scenes that makes the sport so strange…

I know most hockey fans enjoy this, but I’d rather see these guys use that pent up anger and energy and make a play that actually impacts the game. A situation where two guys grab the other by the jersey and throw 50 right hooks doesn’t seem like it should take place in a professional sport, save for boxing or MMA.

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