Lights out for Matt Cooke

I’m starting to feel like a select group of NHL players are getting paid under the table to get into fights. Don’t we get a new one every couple of days? Still, who cares? l never tire of them, and their presence on the Internet will only help the sport, I assume.

On a side note, this is how I like my hockey fights. Nothing is dragged out — it’s just short and sweet.

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Hockey Fight! Janssen vs Leblond [video]

Bill Simmons is calling this the hockey fight of the year. To me, this is one of those scenes that makes the sport so strange…

I know most hockey fans enjoy this, but I’d rather see these guys use that pent up anger and energy and make a play that actually impacts the game. A situation where two guys grab the other by the jersey and throw 50 right hooks doesn’t seem like it should take place in a professional sport, save for boxing or MMA.

Russian hockey players of all ages are tougher than you

I wasn’t going to post this video earlier, but I just can’t contain it anymore. Watch as these Russian nine-year-olds put the NHL’s nastiest players to shame. It’s a massacre.

On that note, I might as well include last week’s catastrophe from a Kontinental Hockey League game. Given its origins, the league features mostly Russian players. I wonder who started it.

Sidney Crosby will punch you square in the junk

Think Sidney Crosby is just a young hockey phenom with no gumption or toughness? Think again.

Here’s evidence that Sid Kid will sucker punch you in the head and then just for good measure, jack you in your marbles and once in the balloon knot:

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