Mayne Street 4.4: “Celebrity Ink”

This is a pretty good one featuring Mike Greenberg. You might have to click the video a couple of times to get it to work.

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Mayne Street, 4.3: “Let the Mind Games Begin!”

Kenny and Sarah are kidnapped by a couple of curlers. Hilarity ensues. (I particularly like the shots of the PA outside as he approaches the cabin.)

Remember, you might need to click the video a couple of times to get it to play. ESPN’s embedded video is a little squirrelly.

Mayne Street, 4.2: “Reach For Your Dreams”

Kenny tells the story of the Cowboy, and his dream of Olympic gold.

Mayne Street, 4.1: “You Don’t Know Pain”

This episode features daredevil Travis Pastrana and some very stiff acting by Matthew Berry, a.k.a. The Talented Mr. Roto.

Mayne Street, 3.6: “The Audtion”

Kenny and Adam Carolla audition for “Never At Ease: The Roger Staubach Story.” Be sure to click the video a few times if it doesn’t play right away. ESPN video is quirky that way.

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