Mayne Street, 3.6: “The Audtion”

Kenny and Adam Carolla audition for “Never At Ease: The Roger Staubach Story.” Be sure to click the video a few times if it doesn’t play right away. ESPN video is quirky that way.

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Mayne Street, 3.5: “That’s Entertainment”

Kenny takes a tour of ESPN’s L.A. headquarters, and finds it’s nothing at all like Bristol.

(Be sure to click the video a few times to get it to play.)

Mayne Street 2.4: “Cutbacks”

“Mayne Street”: Episodes 14 & 15

In episode 14, Kenny tries to cheer up a sick kid…

In episode 15 (and season finale), Bobby Flay treats Kenny and his crew to a nice dinner.

“First, I’m going to order a filet mignon, and I’m going to throw it in the garbage. Then, I’m going to order another filet mignon. We’ll go from there.”


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“Mayne Street”: Episode 13

In this episode, Kenny plays in a “celebrity” golf tournament with his a-hole boss.

Great cameo by Ray Ray…”A hundred dollars. I’m not trying to bang you over the head.”

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