Classic clip of ball bouncing off head of Jose Canseco

This is hilarious! Jose Canseco suffered the ultimate humiliation when a fly ball bounce off his head for a home run against the Indians.

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Tigers’ Raburn pulls a Jose Canseco

Check out this oops from Tigers’ outfielder Ryan Raburn from Detroit’s loss to the Mariners on Sunday:

“Yep, it’s over the wall, Ryan.”

Of course, Raburn’s play was slightly less embarrassing than this classic Jose Canseco clip:

Oh, Jose Canseco.

(Hat tip to The Victory Formation for the videos.)

Jose Canseco trying to make a serious comeback attempt in baseball

According to Business Insider, Jose Canseco has elicited the help of former football agent Nello Gamberdino in order to make a comeback attempt in baseball.

“The main obstacle that I’ve had to get over as his agent,” Gamberdino explained, “is when you initially throw his name out there, people think it’s a joke. We’re trying to make it clear that, no, he’s not doing this as a publicity stunt; he’s doing this because he wants to play, he loves baseball, and he still feels he can contribute as a player. In this country where everyone has a second, third, and sometimes fourth chance at redemption, why can’t someone step up and help him? There are certainly guys in baseball that have done far worse than write a book.”

“It must be nice for people to sit on their high horse and judge him,” Gamberdino said defensively, “but Jose’s had to do those things for financial reasons.” (It’s unclear how, exactly, Canseco blew the nearly $50 million he made in his 15 year career). Canseco hasn’t made many friends since writing his two tell-all books, and Gamberdino – who only began representing the slugger after he signed on for March’s “Celebrity Apprentice” premier – reminds him that his extra-curricular activities do not portray him as someone who takes baseball seriously. But he’s got the name, Gamberdino said. “And until he can make some money in baseball, celebrity appearances are the best way to pay the bills.”

Gamberdino can’t blame anyone for thinking this is a joke because his client is Jose Canseco. This is the same man who once said he would “rent” a day hanging out with him in his Florida home. (That’s right, for $5,000 you could spend the entire day with a former juicer at his very own home.)

Although I wonder how someone could blow through $50 million, I don’t judge Canseco for whoring himself out for money. But everyone’s chickens eventually come home to roost. If you make a mistake, you’re going to pay for that mistake in some way or another. He bragged about introducing steroids to the game of baseball and then tried to cash in by exposing players for juicing. Sorry, but you leave yourself open for criticism when you do something like (along with his many other transgressions).

I wish Canseco luck. He’s going to need it.

Don’t cry for Jose Canseco…he’s all cried out.

July 10, 2010; Malibu, CA, USA; Steve Garvey's Celebrity Softball Game to raise funds for .ALS Research at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. Photo via Newscom

There have been plenty of athletes that have climbed the top of the mountain in life (by finding money, women, fame – you know, the important things), only to fall off the back of it and hit every rock on the way down.

But outside of Michael Vick, perhaps none have done it as publicly as Jose Canseco.

According to, the former slugger was evicted from his L.A. home on Friday.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the former MLB star … turned steroid finger pointer … turned reality star … turned celebrity boxer … turned alleged deadbeat … received a notice to “vacate” a Northridge home he had been renting since last year.

A source connected to Canseco tells us the trouble began after Jose missed two months of rent.

We’re told Jose left the home late Wednesday night … and won’t be allowed back.

Ahhh – so that’s why he left all of those cryptic messages on his Twitter page last night:

It is true I got evicted everything has gone incredibly wrong since I wrote the book juiced.I am now the modern day frankenstein

Mlb has gone out of there way to distroy my life and they have succeded.I didn’t realize how powerful they are till now.

I have lost everything. Makes you wanna cry but there’s no crying in baseball.and my dad said men don’t cry but he was wrong

To make matters worse the landlords locked me out and I can’t get my things out

Someone should do a show called form the penthouse to the garage

I will play softball for food. Lol

Sometimes life is easier when you have nothing

I had to give away one of my dogs that broke my heart cause I love animals and I am surprised my girlfriend hasn’t left me because I have 0

I am sleeping in someones garage but its pretty good

I grew up poor I don’t mind being poor again

I still have it better than most goodnight

You never want to see someone go poor or hungry, but come on – dude brought it on himself. He helped usher in the steroid era, then bragged out it, then tried to make money off it, and now he wants to blame everything on Major League Baseball? Talk about not taking responsibility for your actions.

The kicker is that the first thing he thought of doing after he became homeless was jump on Twitter to try and gain people’s sympathy. Awe, you got locked out of your home? Excuse me for getting preachy, but here’s an idea: Try paying the f**king rent next time, Jose. This is how it works in the real world: You get a job, you make money and then you can pay for things like food, shelter and entertainment. You blew all of your money (more money than most of us will ever see in our lifetime) on steroids, women and God knows what else, so this is the predicament you’re in. That’s not Major League Baseball’s fault – it’s yours.

I hear Taco Fresco is hiring.

Jose Canseco loses boxing match to 60-year-old man

If that title doesn’t have you laughing your ass off, then you need to check your pulse.

From Yahoo! Sports:

It was another embarrassing fighting exhibition for Jose Canseco. Or was it? Canseco agreed to travel to Arkansas to take on 60-year-old Gary Hogan in a boxing match. The former major league slugger plodded his way through four rounds and lost a 39-37 decision to Hogan, an associate athletic director at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock. “Rock ’em Sock ’em Rumble by the River” went down at Dickey-Stephens Park before the Arkansas Travelers-Midland Rockhounds Triple-A baseball game.

It looks like the snitch that sports fans love to hate showed a little heart. Frankly, it didn’t look like Canseco, 46, was really trying. Although in the prefight and postfight, Hogan broke down the fight like it was real.

“He did [throw his heavy artillery at me],” said Hogan. “I took some shots but the bottom line is, I’m used to taking shots. I felt good in there. I wasn’t tired, my conditioning was unbelievable. I thought he got tired there in the third and fourth rounds.”
Hogan came in at 191 pounds while Canseco was 240. The fight was put together to benefit Ray Rodgers’ boxing gym and GED program in Little Rock.

“It’s an exhibition. I had a great time. I’ve gotta a lot of respect for Gary. Just coming out here and fighting a guy 15 years his junior, he’s got some [guts].”

Canseco was paid for the fight.

As the article points out and as you can see in the video below, Canseco barely broke a sweat. But he still lost…to a 60-year-old.

Kudos to Hogan for having the stones to get in the ring with Canseco, even though the former baseball slugger fights like Peter McNeely.

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