Jose Canseco trying to make a serious comeback attempt in baseball

According to Business Insider, Jose Canseco has elicited the help of former football agent Nello Gamberdino in order to make a comeback attempt in baseball.

“The main obstacle that I’ve had to get over as his agent,” Gamberdino explained, “is when you initially throw his name out there, people think it’s a joke. We’re trying to make it clear that, no, he’s not doing this as a publicity stunt; he’s doing this because he wants to play, he loves baseball, and he still feels he can contribute as a player. In this country where everyone has a second, third, and sometimes fourth chance at redemption, why can’t someone step up and help him? There are certainly guys in baseball that have done far worse than write a book.”

“It must be nice for people to sit on their high horse and judge him,” Gamberdino said defensively, “but Jose’s had to do those things for financial reasons.” (It’s unclear how, exactly, Canseco blew the nearly $50 million he made in his 15 year career). Canseco hasn’t made many friends since writing his two tell-all books, and Gamberdino – who only began representing the slugger after he signed on for March’s “Celebrity Apprentice” premier – reminds him that his extra-curricular activities do not portray him as someone who takes baseball seriously. But he’s got the name, Gamberdino said. “And until he can make some money in baseball, celebrity appearances are the best way to pay the bills.”

Gamberdino can’t blame anyone for thinking this is a joke because his client is Jose Canseco. This is the same man who once said he would “rent” a day hanging out with him in his Florida home. (That’s right, for $5,000 you could spend the entire day with a former juicer at his very own home.)

Although I wonder how someone could blow through $50 million, I don’t judge Canseco for whoring himself out for money. But everyone’s chickens eventually come home to roost. If you make a mistake, you’re going to pay for that mistake in some way or another. He bragged about introducing steroids to the game of baseball and then tried to cash in by exposing players for juicing. Sorry, but you leave yourself open for criticism when you do something like (along with his many other transgressions).

I wish Canseco luck. He’s going to need it.

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