Whitlock rips Herm Edwards for flubbing draft gig

Never one to shy away from giving his truthful opinion, Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star ripped former Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards for his less-than stellar performance on ESPN’s broadcast of the NFL draft last weekend.

Herm spent two days on air making damn sure he didn’t offer one opinion that could potentially put him at odds with an NFL owner, general manager or remotely talented player. Edwards isn’t the first former coach to hit the television airwaves determined to pick up an easy paycheck and protect his future coaching prospects.

If he’s not careful, his ESPN job is going to sabotage his coaching career. In two days of breaking down the draft, Edwards came across as sound and fury signifying absolutely nothing. His commentary was a mixture of Mike Ditka, Sarah Palin and Michael Irvin.

I fully expect to soon see Edwards standing in front of the pointless touch-screen prop that had promising Michael Smith looking and sounding more like Vanna White than the next Chris Mortensen during the draft weekend.

For a man who was supposed to be a broadcasting natural, Edwards mumbled, stumbled and clichéd his way through two days of draft coverage. Kansas City’s 2-14 record made sense.

Unfortunately I didn’t see Edwards’ performance on ESPN because my TV never left the NFL Network’s coverage of the draft, but it would make sense that Herm wouldn’t want to ruffle any feathers if he hopes to get another head coaching gig.

Jon Gruden was an analyst for the NFL Network all weekend and while I didn’t think he did a bad job, he didn’t give any earth-shattering commentary either. I thought he played his role – talked about team needs, what a head coach looks for in prospects and gave his opinion on the state of certain franchises. I wouldn’t expect him to rip another head coach, owner or team given the fact that he’ll probably be in the league again next year. I would have to assume that NFL coaches share a brotherhood to some extent, which is why Herm probably didn’t feel the need to lambaste anyone either.

It still would have been nice to see what Whitlock is talking about with Edwards though. Anyone agree with Whitlock’s assessment of Herm’s performance?

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Chiefs fire Herm Edwards

ESPN.com is reporting that the Chiefs have fired head coach Herman Edwards.

Edwards was 15-33 in three seasons with the Chiefs, including 2-14 this season.

Edwards’ status has been in doubt since the Chiefs hired Scott Pioli as their general manager on Jan. 13. Asked at his introductory news conference about Edwards’ status, Pioli declined to say.

He was 41-44 in five seasons as head coach of the New York Jets, including three trips to the playoffs.

Not a total shock, obviously. New general manager Scott Pioli probably wanted the organization to start fresh, although it’s not clear that this point which way he’ll go in terms of a new head coach. Several rumors have Pioli reaching out to Cardinals’ offensive coordinator Todd Haley after the Super Bowl concludes, but there isn’t any hard evidence yet to support that.

Chiefs hire Scott Pioli away from Patriots to be next GM

According to The National Football Post, the Chiefs found their next general manager to replace Carl Peterson in former Patriots’ VP of Player Personnel Scott Pioli, who was highly regarded as the top GM candidate available this offseason.

Upon his departure, the Patriots will replace Pioli with Nic Cesario, who was serving as the Director of Player Personnel for New England. This does not come as a surprise as New England believes in growing executive talent from within its own organization.

Pioli, who has been with the Patriots for nine seasons and three Super Bowl Championships, won the George Young Executive of the Year award in 2004 and 2005.

Pioli comes to Kansas City after in year in which the Chiefs struggled to finish with a record of 2-14, good for last place in the AFC West. Pioli inherits a team that has a disgruntled super star running back in Larry Johnson, a revolving door at the quarterback position, but is led by a young nucleus of talent on the defensive side of the football. First off for Pioli, however, is to decide the fate of head coach Herman Edwards and his possible successor.

If the article is accurate, this was a tremendous hire by the Chiefs. Pioli is best known for being the mastermind behind the Patriots’ successful drafts and knows what it takes to build a winner. He’ll have his hands full turning things around in Kansas City, but it’s a proud organization and it’ll be interesting to see if he keeps head coach Herman Edwards, or if he decides to wipe the slate clean and start over.

Should Herman Edwards be fired?

After their stunning, last-second collapse against the Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star writes that Herman Edwards and the rest of the Chiefs’ coaching staff should be fired.

Herman EdwardsThat was pretty much all I could come up with. And really, even if you total up all the positive vibes, it probably does not quite make up for the astounding way that the Chiefs blew an 11-point lead in the final 5 minutes Sunday.

They blew it by punting on fourth and inches, then by allowing the Chargers to drive 89 yards in about 3 1/2 minutes (all without using a timeout), then by Dwayne Bowe dropping the onside kick, then by forgetting to cover a Chargers receiver deep (even though they were in a coverage conveniently designed to have four defensive backs deep), then by forgetting to cover a receiver in the end zone, then by pulling out their Three Stooges playbook for the final offensive drive, then by missing a 50-yard field goal at the buzzer.

The only thing missing was the “Psycho” music and the see-through shower curtain.

And the truth is that, after that sort of mind-shattering collapse, it’s hard to come up with a single good reason why anybody involved with the Chiefs should be back next season. Sure, everyone knew that this year would be trying, that there would be more losses than wins, that young players would make lots of mistakes. But there was no way to see this mess coming.

After a game like Sunday’s, it’s kind of hard not to share Posnanski’s feelings on the subject. But in the coaching staff’s defense, this is a young team severely void of talent. They don’t have an offensive line, the secondary is littered with inexperienced players and quarterback Tyler Thigpen (who has made strides this season) is in his first year as a starter. Look what Edwards is working with. You actually have to hand it to him because for the most part, the Chiefs have been somewhat competitive even though they’ve found every way possible to lose this season.

Then again, sometimes it’s just better to blow up the entire thing and start fresh. Turnarounds in the NFL happen all the time (see the Dolphins, Ravens, Falcons and Jets this year), so regardless of the situation, maybe it is time for the Chiefs to start anew.

NFL Week 15 Speed Read: Talkin’ Colts, Dolphins, Herm Edwards and more

Here are some quick-hit thoughts from the early games in Week 15:

Peyton Manning– The Indianapolis Colts might be the most dangerous team in the AFC right now and nobody is talking about them. They’re 10-4, have won seven in a row after beating the lowly Lions on Sunday, and Peyton Manning has thrown four touchdowns to zero interceptions the last two games. That said, they need to get healthier on defense – and fast. They won’t go very far in the postseason without Bob Sanders, especially considering they’ll be playing on the road the entire time.

– Not that they’ve played any explosive offenses of late, but how good has the Miami Dolphins’ defense been the past three weeks? They’ve allowed just 24 total points in their last three games and haven’t allowed a touchdown in 12 consecutive quarters. That’s impressive, I don’t care who they’ve played during that stretch.

– Herman Edwards should take his own advice. You play the game to win, Herm? How about going for it on one of the multiple fourth and one’s your team faced on Sunday? Seriously your team is 2-12 – grow some nuggets and take some chances.

– I know they did it against the Chiefs, but the Chargers come-from-behind win on Sunday was amazing. Even though San Diego’s season has been a massive disappointment, that’s one game you look back on as a fan and just say, “Damn that was fun to watch.”

Stick a fork in the Redskins – they’re done. You can’t be considered a legitimate playoff threat when you lose to a previously two-win Bengals team. What’s amazing is that this team was once 6-2 and everyone couldn’t help but to look ahead and see that they had a very manageable rest of the season. So much for that as they’ve now lost five of their last six games.

– Does anyone else think Seneca Wallace can start in this league? I for one think Matt Hasselbeck still has some game left in him, but Wallace has been pretty good after getting the opportunity to play more regularly this year. He has eight touchdown passes and only one interception this season. Maybe he deserves a shot to be a full-time starter next year.

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