Tiger Woods’ swing coach resigns

According to a report by Golf.com, Tiger Woods’ swing coach Hank Haney has decided to resign.

Haney, who has coached Woods since 2004, has come under criticism during Woods’s recent struggles on the course. NBC commentator Johnny Miller said last week that Woods “should forget the Hank Haney stuff. It’s not working.” His former coach Butch Harmon also weighed in, telling the PGA Tour Network that Woods’s “game is in disarray.”

Haney has defended his record with Woods. In a statement to The Golf Channel after Miller criticized his teaching, Haney said, “In the last two years, Tiger has won 44 percent of his tournaments and finished top three in 61 percent. In the two years before I started working with him, he won 24 percent and finished top three in 43 percent.”

I don’t follow golf closely enough to chime in about whether or not Tiger’s game has fallen apart since Haney started coaching him. But I do know that Tiger has been through a ton of turmoil recently and who knows how that could have affected his game. No matter what the sport, coaches always have to deal with the mental aspect when working with players – not just the physical and fundamental.

If Haney wasn’t doing a good job, I assume Woods would have fired him by now. Thus, his resignation probably had to deal with a lot of factors – not just Tiger’s performance on the links.

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Golfing legend offers Tiger a lesson

PGA hall-of-famer Lee Trevino believes he holds the secret to Tiger Woods regaining his dominance on the golf course. The Merry Mex has sent word through a mutual friend, Mark O’Meara, for Woods to contact him.

Here is Trevino’s solution to Tiger’s problems:

“Tiger needs to learn how to hit a power fade,” said Lee Trevino, a five-time major champion. “If he learns how to drive the ball, he won’t lose a tournament. He’s got nothing to lose, just call me. Heck, I’d go see him; he wouldn’t have to do nothing. Hank Haney knows what he’s doing.”

Trevino went on to add, “Haney helped Tiger a lot, but I’d like to sit down and have a session with Haney ’cause it looks like Tiger doesn’t want me to help him. I’d teach him a power fade, a go-to shot. Everyone has to have a go-to shot. He used to win majors with his stinger go-to shot. Last week he didn’t even look comfortable with a 3-wood on the tee; he was scared, trying to guide the ball.”

According to his doctors, Tiger is ahead of schedule in his recovery from knee surgery. Having played very little competitive golf in the last eight months, Woods is having difficulty in regaining confidence in his swing. By playing at the Player’s Championship this weekend, it will mark the first time he has played in consecutive events since returning to the PGA tour.

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