NBA News & Rumors: Nets’ SG, Curry, Delonte and more

Courtney Lee and Chris Douglas-Roberts fighting to be Nets’ starting shooting guard. Courtney Lee is a player. He can shoot, score and defend, and he’s still troubled by Orlando’s decision to trade him away. That layup he missed in the Finals was no gimme. By the time he was in position to release the ball, his entire torso was behind the backboard. It’s a shame that’s what people remember of Lee from last season. This battle may go deeper into camp, but Lee has more talent and should be starting for the Nets this season.

Replacement refs aren’t up to snuff. Last night in the Rockets-Celtics game, 75 fouls were called and 102 free throws were shot. This is astounding. NBA refs get a bad rap. Basketball is a tough game to officiate because there is so much contact on any given possession. Refs have quite a bit of leeway, which can lead to inconsistency from game to game and from crew to crew.

HC Don Nelson plans to use Stephen Curry as a starter…at times. He says it’s going to be a matchup thing because Curry is so good. So look for Curry to start when the opponent also has a couple of smallish guards in the starting lineup. But wouldn’t a Monta Ellis/Stephen Curry backcourt create huge matchup problems on the other end of the court? I think most off guards would have a tough time getting back in transition to cover Curry on the wing.

When will the Milwaukee Bucks get a new arena? I grew up outside of Milwaukee and remember when the Bradley Center was state of the art. Needless to say, that was a while ago. The Bucks are in a tough spot because with the recession, they’re going to have a tough time making money this season unless the team is playoff-caliber. Given the environment, neither the city nor the franchise are going to want to pay for an arena, so there’s a real chance that the Bucks’ owner — Senator Herb Kohl — sells the team in the next few years. It would be a shame, because Bucks fans are great when the team is good (or at least mediocre).

Delonte West leaves the team…again. Other than maybe the Lakers, the Cavs are probably the best equipped to handle this kind of drama during training camp. With the whole LeBron/Shaq honeymoon, eyes are elsewhere, but West has the potential to become a distraction as the season wears on. He’s too good to cut loose, but not so good that he deserves special treatment. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Cavs handle West if he continues to miss time.

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NBA News & Rumors: Delonte, LeBron, JJ and Julian

Delonte West misses practice (unexcused) again. All right, one unexcused absence I can understand, but after he was MIA yesterday, wouldn’t the Cavs track him down to find out why he was absent? Of course they would, which is why he is either completely unreachable or the Cavs don’t approve of his reasons for missing practice. This is worrisome, but expect the team to give him a lot of leeway to get his life straightened out.

The New York Daily News thinks there has been another sign that LeBron is headed to the Knicks.
His name is William Wesley and apparently he has LeBron’s ear. He was at Knicks camp this week and some conspiracy theorists believe his presence is a sign that LeBron will be playing in New York next season.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Joe Johnson will not sign an extension this season.
Instead, Johnson is going to become a free agent next summer when a number of teams are going to have the cap space to offer a max deal. After LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and (maybe) Amare Stoudemire, Johnson is the next biggest prize in the free agent class of 2010. He’s one of those players that isn’t quite worth a max deal but he’s going to get one anyway. (Think Michael Redd circa 2005.)

Byron Scott told the Times-Picayune that the Hornets’ starting small forward job is Julian Wright’s to lose.
This is about a year too late. Wright was quite productive (PER: 15.48) in his rookie season, but the Hornets went with James Posey instead, thinking that he’d be the missing piece to the championship puzzle. Wright is one of those young, talented players that is going to see a big increase in minutes, so fantasy basketball owners should take note.

Delonte West misses first practice…

…and it was an unexcused absence.

Details at ESPN.

Delonte West is back on his meds

When asked about his eventful summer, West gave the ol’ no comment-comment. (Cleveland Plain-Dealer)

“You have to respect the legal process,” West said, repeating similar comments by Cavs GM Danny Ferry and coach Mike Brown. “I understand there [are] a lot of questions. Right now what I want to focus on is this team and playing basketball. Once details come out surrounding the situation, you’ll see that it is not as big as some are making it. It is bad timing right before training camp, unfortunately, but all we can do is focus on basketball right now.”

“I’m back taking my meds and everything,” he said. “I’m focused on basketball. I’m dealing with some issues. I get highs and get lows. But all the last year I’ve been consistent being in a nice . . . routine. I was in a routine that I got out of this summer. I got away from it.”

Sounds like he has his head on straight again…or at least as straight as it can be.

Pluto: Cavs will do everything within their power to help West

Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote an interesting article on troubled Cavs’ guard Delonte West, who was arrested on weapons charges last week in Maryland. West was carrying three guns (including a shotgun concealed in a guitar case) while riding a motorcycle.

West may or may not face some jail time, depending upon how the legal system views his case.

The Cavaliers will do everything within their power to help West, who has admitted to a history of depression and a bipolar mood disorder. With the blessing of the team, West missed 10 days of training camp last season when he went into a treatment center for his mental illness. The primary concern for Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, General Manager Danny Ferry and coach Mike Brown is to work with West and his doctors, creating the best environment for the 26-year-old guard to handle his emotions.

What the Cavs don’t know is how many games he can play, or if he can quickly get a grip on his emotional state. They don’t know if he will have another setback, or how he will react to his arrest and legal issues.
The image of West on a Can-am Spyder motorcycle with shotgun stashed in a guitar case slung over his back — and a Beretta 9 mm in the waist band of his pants along with a Ruger 357 Magnum strapped to his leg — is scary to anyone who cares about him.

He was carrying all that firepower for protection, West’s father told the Washington Post. But it’s never wise for someone who is emotionally troubled to be so heavily armed.

By the sounds of things, this wasn’t just another troubled athlete without the brain capacity to realize that he shouldn’t be carrying a small arsenal on him. West has real issues and he needs real help.

Hopefully the Cavs or whomever can provide him with that help and he can get a hold of his life.

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