Brian Hoyer lays an egg

I don’t think Brian Hoyer plans on posing for any Instagram photos like this one any time soon. This pic from Brandon Weeden was used by some to troll Browns fans as the two former Browns quarterbacks were heading to the playoffs while Johnny Manziel was going through another mini-scandal.

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Brandon Weeden will start in Cleveland

This should be a very interesting NFL season for a lot of reasons, but watching rookies like Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Brandon Weeden begin the season as rookie starters will definitely make for an interesting storyline.

The Browns names Weeden the starter today, which wasn’t a surprise at all. He’s looked very good in camp, as has Trent Richardson and Josh Gordon. Expect a completely different offense in Cleveland.

RG3 and Brandon Weeden impress onlookers with big arms

With OTAs, everyone can look good playing in shorts without real pressure. But coaches and journalists can now see these guys in person and on the practice field, and the early reports are enthusiastic when it comes to Robert Griffin III.

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Is Brandon Weeden a first-round prospect?

Outside of whether or not the Vikings and/or Browns will pull off a surprise in the top 5 and seeing if any team will touch Janoris Jenkins in the first 32 picks, one of the biggest questions heading into the 2012 NFL Draft is whether or not Brandon Weeden is worth a first-round selection.

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