The hottest cheerleading video in the world

Beach volleyball cheerleaders have to outdo the players they cheer for, which might explain why their “uniforms” are so tiny. This NSFW video of the Seat volleyball girls is outstanding (and the song is good too). Be sure to hit the HQ button after you hit play so you get the best possible clarity.

The song is by Johnny Cash — “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.”

For a few more pics, check out the Hottest Girls of Cheerleading.

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Volleyball spokeswoman faints on live TV

It’s okay to laugh. Apparently, she’s fine.

She didn’t lock her legs, which is the first mistake most fainters (is that a word?) make. It looks like maybe it was a case of the nerves or maybe she had a touch of the “Irish flu” from the night before.

Cheerleaders and beach volleyball – what a combination

Apparently even the Olympics are into gratuitous shots of women dancing around in bikinis. Not that we’re complaining…

Check out this recent video of cheerleaders entertaining beach volleyball fans in Beijing.

Pondering the sexcess… err… success of beach volleyball

A buddy and I went to the AVP Huntington Beach Open this past weekend. I wanted to catch one of Kerri Walsh and Misty May’s matches, but we arrived about an hour too late. We walked around the tournament grounds watching the action on the various side courts. We settled in to watch a match that featured Angela Knopf and Saralyn Smith against Jenelle Koester and Sarah Straton. Why did we decide that particular match? I’m not certain, but I think it might have been Jenelle Koester…

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