Jenn Sterger suing manager over potential Favre tell-all book

The victim of Brett Favre’s junk mail is in the news again, as former Jets’ employee Jenn Sterger is filing a lawsuit against her manager Phillip Reese. USA Today provides the details.

Brett Favre might want to keep an eye on a lawsuit filed by Jenn Sterger against her manager. At issue is ownership of the text messages allegedly exchanged between Favre and Sterger, which could become the topic of a book.

The lawsuit was first reported by the Tampa Tribune. Sterger is asking a Florida judge to invalidate a book agreement with manager Phillip Reese, who runs a public relations agency in New York. She contends Reese plans to use communications that Sterger received for a book of his own. Reese was unavailable for comment, the Tribune says.

Wait, wait, wait – Sterger’s manager wants to write a book about how Brett Favre texted his wrinkled war stick to his client? What’s the book going to be called, “Diary of an Shriveled Old Penis?”

Sterger claims that she never intended for anyone else to have use of the text and voice messages sent (or allegedly sent) by Favre. But memo to her, if you’re going to talk freely to one of the editors at Deadspin, it’s probably a good idea to leave out how a certain future Hall of Fame quarterback is sending you texts of his rod – especially if you don’t want to go through months of hell afterwards.

But hey, I’m just thinking out loud. You don’t what you want Jenn, you little vixen you.

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