Beat The Scores Report staff in Fantasy Baseball and win a cash prize!

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Want to win cold hard cash and stick it to me in fantasy baseball all at the same time? Well you’re in luck my friend, because is giving you the opportunity.

Sign up at and enter the $500 Contest. It’s easy to sign up and the entry fee is only $5. (So you skip that No. 1 at McDonalds this week. You’ve been meaning to drop a few lbs. anyway.) Plus, if you beat our three experts, you’ll get your $5 back. There are prizes for first ($200), second ($100), third ($75), fourth ($50), fifth ($30), sixth ($25) and seventh ($20) place.

Once you’re signed up, FanDuel will give you the opportunity to select nine players from the following April 1 MLB games (the contest only runs for one day):

CWS @ CLE Fri 3:05pm EDT
NYM @ FLA Fri 7:10pm EDT
BOS @ TEX Fri 4:05pm EDT
HOU @ PHI Fri 1:05pm EDT
PIT @ CHC Fri 2:20pm EDT
ARI @ COL Fri 4:10pm EDT
MIN @ TOR Fri 7:07pm EDT
BAL @ TAM Fri 7:10pm EDT
ANA @ KAN Fri 8:10pm EDT
SEA @ OAK Fri 10:05pm EDT
SFG @ LOS Fri 10:10pm EDT

Tournament Rules

– Each player has a salary, and you only have $35k to spend.

– You must pick the following positions: P, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF

– The game starts Fri 1st Apr at 1:05pm EDT so enter before then.

– If you manage to finish above our three experts you win an extra $5

Hitters: 1B = 1pt, 2B = 2pts, 3B = pts, HR = 4pts, RBI = 1pt, R = 1pt, BB = 1pt, SB = 2pts, Out = -.25pt Pitchers: W = 7pts, ER = -1pt, SO=1pt, IP = 1pt

Along with sticking it to yours truly, you’ll have an opportunity to compete against fellow TSR staff members (and longtime fantasy baseball enthusiasts) Jamey Codding and David Medsker. It’s simple, easy and fun, and you can win $200. We’re already signed up and our teams are in, so get on it!

Sign up for the $500 Contest.

Follow the Scores Report editors on Twitter @clevelandteams and @bullzeyedotcom.

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