What do we think of the new Pac-12 logo?

The soon-to-be Pac-12 Conference recently unveiled the Pac-12 logo and it looks an awful lot like the Pac-10 logo, only with a “12” instead of a “10.” That shouldn’t be overlooked, however, given the way the Big Ten is clinging to that moniker despite expanding to 12 teams next season.

The Pac-10 has an easier time switching to Pac-12 because the conference name is more about “Pac” than it is the number of teams in the conference. The Big Ten doesn’t have that luxury because it was so uncreative in naming itself way back in 1899 (when it was the Big Nine) and 1917 (when it became the Big Ten). They should just bite the bullet and rename it the Big Midwest. It would only take a year or two for the name to catch on BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH BETTER and ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE.

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