Jim Tressel to be fired because he was aware of violations? Please.

Will Jim Tressel be fired if the allegations are true that he knew his players violated NCAA rules last year by selling memorabilia to the owner of a tattoo shop? Ha! You’re adorable.

Winning coaches don’t get fired in college football. This situation would present the perfect opportunity for a program to get rid of a lame duck coach, but not someone like Tressel who has compiled a 106-22 record in 10 seasons at Ohio State. Not someone who has led his program to six straight BCS bowls and two national championship appearances.

Don’t get me wrong: the allegations against Tressel are serious. Yahoo! Sports is reporting that he knew about the Buckeyes’ gear-for-tattoo scheme last April, which means he knew what his players were doing a good eight months before the school was made aware of the situation. If that’s the case, then he had a responsibility to the program to make the university aware of what was going on.

But this is college football, where coaches lie, cheat and steal in effort to get ahead. If he’s guilty, I’m not suggesting that Tressel wasn’t wrong not to tell OSU officials as soon as he found out. But how many BCS coaches would have in that situation? How many coaches would submarine their chances to play in a national title game because a handful of their star players were caught trading autographs for “I Heart Mom” tattoos? (My guess would be less than half.)

Whenever a story like this comes out, fans and the media want to get on their high horse or preach from their soapbox. But I’ve got news for you: the college football underworld is about as seedy as they come. I’m sure damn near every BCS team is breaking the rules in some way and while it doesn’t make it right, it is reality. Sorry.

Assuming the allegations are true, I’d be shocked if Tressel were to lose his job over this. If he were coming off back-to-back 7-5 years and two-straight appearances in the Alamo Bowl, then it would be a different story. But unless he allegedly locked a player in a closet a la Mike Leach at Texas Tech, I don’t envision Tressel standing in the unemployment line anytime soon.

Update: ESPN.com is reporting that Tressel will receive a two-game ban and will be fined. When asked if he ever considered firing Tressel, Ohio State president Gordon Gee said: “No, are you kidding? Let me be very clear. I’m just hoping the coach doesn’t dismiss me.”

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