Forrest Griffin Interview

Spencer Kyte of chats with former TUF winner (and former light heavyweight champ) Forrest Griffin about hepatitis, being heckled by teenage girls and fighting Rich Franklin.

Heavy: I’ll be sure to include the fact in the interview.

Griffin: That is important.

Heavy: So that everybody is aware and everybody knows, Forrest Griffin does not have hepatitis.

Griffin: Actually, you just go ahead and tell all the single women that I do have hepatitis so they stay away.
Heavy: Perfect. I think my wife might want me to share that plan from now on too.

Griffin: Just drop it casually, like, whenever you’re talking to women. What I always do is the “you know my wife” thing, just to make sure it doesn’t get awkward. Then you can just drop my hepatitis things too.

Heavy: In the year-and-a-half I’ve been married, I’ve become very skilled at the “my wife and I” any time there are single women around. She’ll be glad to read that.

Griffin: Well there is some exciting news for me, are we recording this, because this is the good shit?

Heavy: I am, we are; we’re ready to go.

Griffin: Good. Alright, well, I actually just had a very uncomfortable experience. I guess I was going to Starbucks the same time the school here let out, and I got cat-called by a bunch of teenage girls. It wasn’t as fun as you would imagine. It was actually kind of degrading.

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