Manny needs a lesson in humility

Usually when a person screws up (I mean really screws up), they show remorse, embarrassment and even humility.

But apparently not Manny Ramirez.

In the days after Man-Ram was suspended 50 games after being caught with a prescription for hCG (or was it because his testosterone levels where four times that of a normal man?), Dodgers owner Frank McCourt demanded that his star slugger apologize to his teammates. So Manny did.

But when McCourt wanted Ramirez to come to Los Angeles following his apology to the team in Miami, Manny was a no show. While he’s suspended, McCourt wants Ramirez to be around the team, help some of the young hitters improve their game and overall, show remorse. But Manny will have none of that because he’s choosing to stay away until his suspension is completed. Oh, and apparently he’s also dropping hints that he plans on suing the doctor who prescribed him the hCG.

Ramirez could learn a lesson in humility. Everyone screws up and while it’s easier to crawl into a hole until the dust settles, it’s better to at least make an attempt to make amends and set things right. That means if McCourt wants Manny in the clubhouse instructing his Dodger teammates on how to become better 0-2 hitters, then Ramirez should abide by his wishes. McCourt isn’t asking Manny to clean the clubhouse toilets – he’s asking him to be a good teammate and to not ride this embarrassment out in the comforts of his own home.

Some of you might say, “Manny has already apologized – what else do you want?” But it’s not about what I or what anyone else wants – it’s what McCourt wants. It was McCourt who gave Ramirez a two-year, $45 million contract this offseason when no other club was seriously interested in his services. (Don’t tell me the Giants were truly interested because if they were, they would have made an offer.) And it was McCourt who turned Manny into a L.A. god despite the slugger essentially spitting in the face of a Boston organization that treated him well for so many years prior to his trade to the Dodgers last season.

Hey, maybe it’s a good thing that Manny is staying away from the club right now because after all, the Dodgers are winning. But again, it’s not up to us to decide whether or not he should stay away from the team – it’s up to the man Manny disrespected the most and that’s McCourt. So if McCourt wants Manny to show his face, then Manny should show his face. Ramirez has had the opportunity to do what he wants, when he wants for a very long time. But he was the way that screwed up, so now it’s time for him to show some humility and abide by someone else’s rules for once.

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