15 GMs rank the top 13 point guards

I don’t know how he did it, but Chad Ford convinced 15 NBA GMs/executives to rank the top 13 point guards in the draft. If I were running a team and he asked me to do this, I would have told him to go jump off a cliff. (Or I’d have my secretary rank the players by how cute she thinks they are and pass that off as my list.)

Anyway, here are the rankings, along with an average ranking. Ford’s column has a lot more detail on each player.

1. Ricky Rubio (avg 1.9)
2. Stephen Curry (2.4)
3. Jonny Flynn (3.0)
4. Jrue Holiday (3.8)
5. Tyreke Evans (4.5)
6. Jeff Teague (6.5)
7. Brandon Jennings (6.8)
8. Eric Maynor (8.0)
9. Ty Lawson (9.5)
10. Patrick Mills (10.0)
11. Darren Collison (11.0)
12. Nick Calathes (12.0)
13. Toney Douglas (12.5)

I’m surprised that Stephen Curry moved up so much. Prior to the combine, there were still some who questioned whether or not he was even a first round talent. But apparently he put those concerns to rest. Besides, if you can shoot the ball like he can (and aren’t a complete stiff in other areas of the game), there’s a place for you in the NBA.

Brandon Jennings is hurting himself by skipping the combine and the Reebok Eurocamp. He’s going to need to go head to head with some of these players if he wants to stick in the lottery. Conversely, Jonny Flynn is impressing in his interviews and teams are happy to see that he measures over six-foot in shoes. He’s basically the same size as Chris Paul. So is Ty Lawson, but he continues to fall. I still think whoever gets him in the mid- or late-first round is going to have a starter-caliber point guard in a couple of seasons.

Florida’s Nick Calathes raised a few eyebrows when he decided to sign a three-year deal with Greek team Panathinaikos, but since he already has dual citizenship and a closer look at the contract reveals that he’d need to go in the lottery to match the financial windfall he’s going to enjoy overseas, it’s probably a good decision for the young man.

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The NBA’s Top 10 Young Point Guards

Here’s a quick list of the top 10 point guards under the age of 26, ranked in the order of a combination of current performance and trade value, and regardless of salary.

I’ll also list the player’s age and his Player Efficiency Rating.

1. Chris Paul, Hornets
Age: 23
PER: 30.99

He’s the best point guard in the league, regardless of of age.

2. Deron Williams, Jazz
Age: 24
PER: 16.82

Better jumper than CP3, but doesn’t have his quickness or vision.

3. Derrick Rose, Bulls
Age: 20
PER: 17.51

What he’s doing in his rookie year (18.7 points, 5.8 assists) is phenomenal.

4. Devin Harris, Nets
Age: 25
PER: 27.81

He’s absolutely blowing up – 24.8 points, 6.1 assists – right before our very eyes. That sound you hear is Mark Cuban grinding his teeth.

5. Mo Williams, Cavs
Age: 25
PER: 15.91

Mo is still figuring things out on the defensive end, but he’s a nice sidekick for LeBron, despite the so-so FG% (43.7%).

6. Rajon Rondo, Celtics
Age: 22
PER: 18.73

Handled the point during the C’s championship run. Does it with passing (7.2 assists) and defense (2.2 steals).

7. Ramon Sessions, Bucks
Age: 22
PER: 17.67

It was Sessions, not Ridnour, that prompted the Bucks to trade Mo Williams away. 15.6 points and 5.8 assists indicates he’s the point guard of the future in Milwaukee.

8. Jordan Farmar, Lakers
Age: 22
PER: 14.84

He’s struggling with his shot this season (41.9%) and is still playing behind Derek Fisher.

9. Nate Robinson, Knicks
Age: 24
PER: 17.88

He’s thriving in Mike D’Antoni’s system (14.5 points, 4.2 asissts), but at just 5’ 9”, is he limited in his upside?

10. Russell Westbrook, Thunder
Age: 20
PER: 15.06

He just joined the starting lineup, but is still averaging 12.3 points and 4.1 assists.

Before you blast me for missing a player or two, be sure to check his age. All these guys are 25 years-old or younger.

12/4 Update: Mo Williams is 25, not 23.

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