Discussing Tiger’s comeback

Bill Simmons wrote a long column that compares Tiger’s eventual comeback to those of some of sport’s other iconic athletes. One point jumped out at me…

At gunpoint, if I could wager on any conceivable scenario, I would wager on Tiger coming back in severe Eff You Mode, like a seething MJ in Game 1 of the 1992 Finals. The greatest ones have a way of channeling negativity and fueling it toward whatever makes them great. Jordan made a habit of it. So did Ali. But they were also larger-than-life personalities, whereas Tiger was always just someone who was freakishly good at golf and that’s it.

I can see Tiger coming back with a vengeance, but basketball (and boxing, for that matter) is unlike golf in that pure effort and energy can overcome one’s opponent. Typically, in basketball, an athletically inferior team can be victorious if they outhustle its opponent. Defense, rebounding, loose balls — success in these areas depends largely on a team’s effort. So if MJ’s shot wasn’t falling, he could take his “Eff You Mode” and apply it elsewhere and dominate the game. And when the best athlete on the court is playing harder than anyone else, good things will happen.

I don’t think Tiger can do that in golf. Effort is only going to matter when he’s practicing, and while this is vitally important to a successful comeback, effort is not going to matter much when it comes time to play a tournament. Golf is a game of millimeters, and passion isn’t going to help much when titles are on the line. If channeled, this passion and determination can help in the form of focus, but there is also the chance that Tiger becomes too focused and it pushes him off the rails.

Whatever happens, it’s going to be interesting to watch.

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Did “Yes, Dear” predict Tiger Woods scandal? [video]

That’s just eerie…

Credit Bill Simmons’s reader (Will in Boston) for finding the clip.

Porn star Joslyn James claims Tiger impregnated her twice

Still think Tiger Woods is ready to rejoin the PGA Tour anytime soon? Joslyn James, one of the two porn stars included in Tiger’s public harem, recently told “Inside Edition” that she became pregnant two times during her relationship with the disgraced golfer. According to James, one pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and the other in an abortion.

From the New York Daily News:

James never told Woods about the pregnancies, which occurred at the same times the golfer’s wife, Elin, was pregnant with their two kids.

“The first one was when [Elin] was pregnant with Sam,” James said, referring to Woods’ 2-year-old daughter.

James said she carried on a steamy three-year affair with the golfer, and they never used protection.

“It was never talked about. It was never protected,” she said.

The second time she got pregnant, James said she quietly had an abortion.

“Well, Elin was pregnant with Charlie at that time,” she said. “I just didn’t want to ruin anything.”

“I feel bad for [Elin],” she added. “She didn’t deserve this and she didn’t deserve being humiliated.”

The day has been a rough one for Tiger. First he’s paying hush money to cover up a threesome and now he may have gotten a porn star pregnant, twice.

I need to take a shower. True, I haven’t showered yet anyway, but if I had, I would need to do it again.

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England captaincy in jeopardy amid public affair

John Terry, captain for the English national football team, is currently under fire after news surfaced on his affair with teammate Wayne Bridge’s wife, Vanessa Perroncel. This leaves England’s manager, Fabio Capello, to consider how to handle Terry’s captaincy.

From FOXSports.com:

The FA was widely reported to be leaving the decision on the Chelsea defender’s position to coach Fabio Capello, but sports minister Gerry Sutcliffe said whoever fills the role of England captain should behave off the field as well as on.

Sutcliffe said reports that the married Terry had an affair with the partner of England teammate Wayne Bridge “call into question his role as England captain.”

“On the field, John Terry is a fantastic player and a good England captain,” Sutcliffe said. “But to be the captain of England you have got to have wider responsibilities for the country.”

Terry had been in line to lead England at this year’s World Cup until last week when a judge lifted a court order that had prevented media from reporting the allegations.

The FA has yet to comment on Terry’s position, but Capello is likely to be questioned on the subject at Sunday’s draw in Warsaw for the 2012 European Championship.

Just imagine if any of Tiger Woods’ affairs included the wives of fellow PGA Tour members. That would have given his scandal an entirely different dimension. To make matter’s worse, allegations have surfaced that Terry arranged an abortion for the child Perroncel was hiding. Say what you will about Tiger, but I don’t think he deserves the same ridicule as Terry.

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Tag Heurer watches distancing itself from Woods

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Mindy should have been here ten minutes ago. I know because of my trusty watch. My Tag Heurer watch.

Tag Heurer — if she’s not on time, at least we are.

Tag Heurer, the pricey Swiss watch brand, is the latest of Tiger’s sponsors to distance themselves from the philandering superstar.

“His personal obsession with results and perfection, his ability to withstand pressure, to meet expectations and exceed them, but also his love of discipline — all this makes him a natural partner for the brand.”

Not anymore.

“The partnership with Tiger Woods will continue but we will downscale the use of his image in certain markets for a period of time, depending on his decision about returning to professional golf,” Tag Heuer said in a statement released Friday. “We will continue to actively support the Tiger Woods Foundation.”

Read: What we’re trying to say is, if people seem to forget about this whole mess, we’re back on board.

The company, which had initially supported Woods, was paying him $2 million annually, according to the Wall Street Journal. Friday’s announcement comes one week after Gillette announced a retrenching of its advertising with the 33-year-old Woods and Accenture, the global consulting firm, ended its six-year relationship with him.

Also Friday, Woods’ image on a website banner promoting the Arnold Palmer Invitational PGA Tour event was removed. The tournament is played in Woods’ home of Orlando, Fla., and pictures of Woods holding a tournament trophy and another of Woods exuberantly yelling were replaced with images of Palmer.

Hey Tiger, you better start saving, buddy. Oh, right, you’ll be fine — you’re a billionaire. I forgot.

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