Ndamukong Suh kicked out of Lions-Packers game

Ndamukong Suh was kicked out of the Thanksgiving battle between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. The Packers had just failed to convert on third down inside the Lions’ 5-yeard line, setting up a fourth down and a likely field goal while holding a 7-0 lead over the Lions. Suh got tied up with offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith and then proceeded to deliver what seemed to be a blow to the face to the linemen while they were on the ground, and then as he was getting up he clearly stomped Dietrich-Smith with his foot. Suh was called for unsportsmanlike conduct and then ejected from the game. The entire episode was caught on television.

Instead of going up 10-0, the Packers were awarded a first down as a result of the penalty and then were able to get into the end zone, resulting in a 14-0 lead. We’ll see if this impacts whether the Lions can win the game, but Suh’s stupid play will definitely make things more difficult. Plays like this can be turning points in a game and even a season. As I’m writing this the Packers have gone ahead 21-0, so Suh’s bonehead play may have opened the flood-gates for the high-octane Packers. You don’t give Aaron Rodgers and the undefeated Packers extra chances to beat you.

Apart from that, this will have a lasting impact on Suh’s reputation. This was clearly a dirty play from a player who has developed a reputation as the dirtiest player in the NFL. Suh is clearly a great lineman and a big reason for Detroit’s resurgence, but this play on national television during Thanksgiving will follow him for a long time. He is very possibly facing a suspension as well.

Suh recently met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at Suh’s request to get a better understanding of the rules. Suh isn’t the only player baffled by the NFL’s attempt to protect quarterbacks and defenseless wide receivers. In many ways the NFL is ruining the game as legitimate hits are being called as personal fouls. These calls have huge impacts on the game, and we saw one today with a lame call on a clean hit on Aaron Rodgers.

But Suh’s penalty today had nothing to do with a new push to protect the quarterback. The game was already marred by some silly skirmishes and Suh wasn’t the first player kicked out, but Suh’s penalty was old-fashioned dirty play from a player who seems to let his aggression get the best of him. By doing it on a national stage, he’ll be an even bigger target for the officials going forward.

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Screw tradition – take the Lions off Thanksgiving

Detroit LionsOn our most recent podcast, John Paulsen and I debated whether or not the Detroit Lions should continue to be featured on Thanksgiving Day. I argued yes because it was a tradition in the NFL, he argued no because he didn’t want to see the Lions play every season.

After watching the Tennessee Titans completely demolish Detroit 47-10 on Thursday, I agree with JP – get the Lions off Thanksgiving Day. That was one of the most pathetic efforts of the season by any team and I feel for Lion fans that have to endure that on a weekly basis. There the Lions were with nothing to play for and they’re punting on 4th and 1 down four touchdowns in the second half. Are you serious? What do you have to lose?

That said, I’m officially petitioning for the Lions to be taken off of Thanksgiving Day. To be fair, I say take the Dallas Cowboys off of Thanksgiving Day too, although at least they field a competitive team more times than not.

Instead, why doesn’t the NFL do a rematch of the team conference championship games from the year before? Chances are the four teams will still at least be competitive, and therefore the networks should get decent matchups. This year would have been the Giants vs. Packers and Patriots vs. Chargers. Granted the Packers and Chargers aren’t as good as they were a year ago, but would anyone have a problem with those matchups? It’s probably safe to say both of those games would have been closer than the Tennessee-Detroit debacle. The third game of the day could be a divisional matchup of some sort.

Maybe that’s not the best solution, but they have to do something. On a day where everyone is off and enjoying football with family members, to watch the Lions get harassed for four quarters doesn’t make any sense. Fans don’t need a playoff-type matchup, but we deserve better that 47-10.

It’s a shame that the best matchup of the day is Cardinals-Eagles, which will be played on NFL Network for an audience of 12 people.

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