From inappropriate to plain stupid, NFL pre-draft questions getting absurd

A few weeks ago, Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland made headlines when it was revealed that he asked Cowboys’ first round pick Dez Bryant during a pre-draft interview if his mother was ever a prostitute. It was an insulting and unnecessary question, but it’s obvious that Ireland isn’t the only one asking prospects stupid inquiries around draft time.

From the Buffalo News:

Bills rookie linebacker Arthur Moats recalled an unexpected query at the NFL Scouting Combine.

“It was a guy from the Redskins,” Moats said. “He asked me, “Should we draft you and you’re sitting around in a room and Brian Orakpo comes to you and says, “You’re in my seat.’ Are you going to get up and move or are you going to fight him for the chair?’

“I’m like, “It’s a chair. I’m just going to slide over,’ and he said, “So you’re a punk.’ I’m thinking, “What? I’m going to fight over a chair? And if I move I’m a punk?’ The guy was serious, too.”

Added Moats: “I answered, “How is [Orakpo] addressing me? Is he yelling or something?’ I guess it depends on how he asked. That was crazy. I didn’t know they asked questions like that.”

If teams only have 15 minutes to get to know a prospect at the scouting combine, how is this question going to help them figure out whether or not they should draft a player? One would think that a team of NFL scouts, general managers and coaches would have more probing questions than these.

Too bad Moats didn’t answer back with, “I’m not sure what I’d do, but ask another dumb question and I’m going to take my chair and stick it directly up your ass.”

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