Great interview with Ryan Leaf

This Ryan Leaf interview with Dan Patrick is timely given all the drama going on with Johnny Manziel.

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Sean Payton accused of receiving painkillers


New Orleans Saints head Coach Sean Payton is the unnamed staffer accused of receiving stolen painkillers, The (New Orleans) Times Picayune reported Saturday.

Citing unnamed sources, the newspaper reported that Payton is the person referred to in a lawsuit brought by former Saints security director Geoff Santini as “Senior Staff Member A,” who was allegedly given a large quantity of Vicodin pills stolen from the team’s drug cabinet.

Santini’s suit alleges that “Senior Staff Member A” was given the pills despite having no medical condition after they were stolen by “Senior Staff Member B,” whom The Times-Picayune identified as Saints linebackers coach Joe Vitt.

Payton vehemently denied the allegations in a statement Saturday, saying, “I have reviewed Geoff Santini’s lawsuit and the unwarranted publicity it has received. I have never abused or stolen Vicodin or any other medication and I fully support the Saints’ position in this matter as expressed by (team spokesman) Greg Bensel yesterday.”

See, this is what happens. A man has a little success in the NFL and then he’s accused of stealing painkillers.

Same thing happened to that nice young man Ryan Leaf.

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Ryan Leaf jersey only $445 at

If ever there were an example of how loves to bend fans over in terms of buying league merchandise, it’s this one:

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You mean, for only $449.99 I could have something that’s worth about as much as what I leave in my toilet after a heavy night of drinking and eating chicken wings?, you’re too kind!

I think it’s amazing that the site had the audacity to put an “NFL Savings Alert” graphic under the price. What…a…joke.

Ryan Leaf to turn himself in after being arrested at border

Customs agents arrested former NFL quarterback and colossal moron Ryan Leaf on Wednesday as he returned to the United States from Canada. He had been wanted in Texas for drug and burglary charges, posted $45,000 bond and will now return to Texas to turn himself in.

What’s amazing (besides the fact that this guy was once considered a franchise NFL quarterback) is that he was picked up coming back into the United States. If he wanted to evade authorities, why wouldn’t he just take up shop in Canada and call it a day? Or better yet, how about he not try to steal prescription drugs from one of the players he used to coach at West Texas A&M by breaking into the player’s house? What an idiot.

How does something like this happen? How does a guy go from being one of the best quarterback prospects to enter an NFL draft, to being wanted in the state of Texas for something as stupid as breaking into someone’s house in attempt to steal prescription drugs? It’s mind-boggling.

Apparently he went and successfully completed drug rehab. Great – now a little jail time might do him some good. Dude needs to mellow out a little.

Ryan Leaf indicted on drug and burglary charges

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf has been indicted on drug and burglary charges after being suspected of breaking into an apartment to steal Hydrocodone, which had been prescribed to an injured football player that he knew.

The indictment handed up Wednesday in Canyon charged the 33-year-old former San Diego Chargers quarterback and former West Texas A&M quarterbacks coach with one count of burglary to a habitation, seven counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and one count of delivery of a simulated controlled substance.

The indictment said Leaf presented an incomplete medical history to several physicians between January 2008 and September 2008 to get or try to obtain the painkiller Hydrocodone.
It was not clear whether Leaf had an attorney.

Canyon police Lt. Dale Davis said Leaf is suspected of breaking into a Canyon apartment on Oct. 30 and stealing Hydrocodone, which had been prescribed to an injured football player.

“There were signs of a forced entry,” Davis said. “A window in the back of the home was (damaged).”
The count of delivery of a simulated controlled substance alleges Leaf gave an individual a substance he said was Hydrocodone but was not that drug.

James Farren, Randall County criminal district attorney, said Leaf has been undergoing drug rehabilitation in British Columbia, the Amarillo Globe-News reported.

Boy, do the karma gods have this guy by the nut sack or what? You almost feel bad for him seeing as how he’s obviously addicted to drugs he’s breaking into homes while in rehab.

But then you remember it’s Ryan Leaf:

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