Flyers fans trash Montreal hockey writer’s car

You stay classy, Philadelphia.


When veteran Montreal hockey writer Pat Hickey went out to his car after Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals Sunday night, he found that fans had covered his car with trash, slashed one of the tires and stolen his Quebec license plates.

Curiously, they also ripped a bug guard off the front of the car, a 1999 Honda Accord with about 351,000 miles on it.

“Obviously it was a bit disturbing,” Hickey told Tuesday morning, hours before the Flyers and Canadiens face off in Game 2 of the series. The Flyers lead the series 1-0 after crushing the Canadiens 6-0.

Since the incident, Hickey has received about 150 e-mails, and they’re running about 3-to-1 on the apologetic side. He’s been invited to dinner, and some fans have asked him to join them for tailgating prior to Tuesday night’s Game 2.

“I’ve seen bad behavior in every city.” he told the Inquirer. “We already had one riot in Montreal during the playoffs. It’s unfortunate. Some people use being fans as an excuse for bad behavior.”

When it comes to Philadelphia fans, it’s hard not to make the generalization that they’re all idiots. But they’re not, and as the article points out, there are moron fans in every city. You just hope that the morons find the other morons when they travel to each other’s stadiums and they can all pick on each other in one moron filled gangbang.

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