Suh signs with Crabtree’s agents

Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who is highly considered the best prospect in this year’s NFL draft, has signed with Maximum Sports Management. Why is that newsworthy you ask? They were the same agents who misrepresented 49ers’ receiver Michael Crabtree this past season.

The good news for Suh is that Roosevelt Barnes and not Eugene Parker will serve as his lead agent. Parker was the genius that instructed Crabtree to holdout until he got paid top-3 money and almost cost Crabtree his entire rookie season before finally accepting an offer from the Niners.

I’m a little surprised that Maximum Sports Management landed the top prospect in the draft after the massive screw up with Crabtree. Hopefully for Suh’s sake, teams at the top of the draft won’t shy away from him due to his choice of agent. But again, I doubt that Suh will have any problems given that Parker won’t be his lead agent.

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