Michigan to save season ticket holders a whopping $3.57 a game in ‘09

After putting their fans through a horrific 3-9 season last year, the powers at be at the University of Michigan have decided to lower the prices for season ticket holders in 2009. After paying an average of $53.57 per ticket last year, the university has lowered the average to $50.

Michigan StadiumAthletic director Bill Martin told The Associated Press on Thursday a season-ticket holder will pay $50 on average for a ticket after paying $53.57 last year.

“In this challenging time economically, this is our way of thanking our fans who have supported us for decades,” Martin said. “Unlike most schools, we had an opportunity to lower prices for football tickets.”

So instead of seeing UM get beat by Toledo for $160.71 like last year, season ticket holders can see their beloved Wolverines lose to Toledo for only $150 this year. Wow, thanks.

It’s a nice gesture and something the university didn’t have to do, but when one slice of that cardboard-tasting Dominos pizza costs $37.50 at Michigan Stadium, the savings just don’t amount to much.

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College Football: Toughest Places to Play

FOX Sports.com ranks the top 10 toughest places to play in college football.

8. Michigan Stadium – University of Michigan
100,000-plus screaming fans on game day are loud. The fans are passionate enough to make it a tough place to play for a visiting team.

3. Beaver Stadium – Penn State University
There is no doubt that the tradition and passion of PSU football gives it a spot near the top of this list. Whether it be JoePa or a whiteout, there’s some serious passion among fans here.

2. Neyland Stadium – University of Tennessee
Tennessee has a great program and 100,000-plus fans doesn’t hurt. They seem to always be into the game no matter the score and the design of the stadium can be very intimidating for opposing teams.

1. Tiger Stadium – Louisiana State University
The Tigers have some of the craziest fans in all of college football and trying to play in Tiger Stadium at night with 92,000-plus fans around you must be one of the most intimidating things a college athlete can do.

I’ve been to several games at the Big House in Ann Arbor and while it is cool to look out and see so many fans throughout the stadium, I wouldn’t necessarily say it gets loud. Obviously 100,000-plus fans are going to make some noise, but with the way the bowl was constructed, a lot of the sound just goes up and out. Most football stadiums you feel like you’re on top of the players, but not Michigan Stadium.

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