Maxim’s sports department needs some new blood

Why do I still read Maxim? Ah yes, for photos of girls like Stacy Keibler.

Whatever the reason, it sure isn’t for the sports analysis. Take this gem from “30 Reasons to Give Thanks” from the November issue:

#16 Devin Hester
The Bears have been – what’s the word? – f*ckin’ awful. But save the bathroom breaks for when Kyle Orton has the ball, because freak of nature Hester turns any kickoff into poetry. Sweaty, concussed poetry.

Um…the Bears are 4-3 and tied for first place in the NFC North. I’m not sure how far in advance Maxim goes to print, but even if it was as early as 10/6, they would have witnessed Chicago’s drubbing of the Lions, which made them 3-2. Mediocre? Yes. Decent? Yes. F*ckin’ awful? No.

As for Orton, he is 6th in the league in passing yards, 8th in TDs and tied for 5th in number of completions for 20+ yards. One of the reasons he’s playing so well is because the Bears are running Devin Hester at WR.

But I wouldn’t expect the boys at Maxim to know that.

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