Women We Love: Stacy Keibler

Hey – Stacy Keibler used to be a wrestler, and that’s sort of a sport, right? I’m sure if you asked Triple H, he would say it’s a sport.

So I’m sure our readers are dying to know what the former WWE Diva and “Dancing With the Stars” third-place finisher is doing these days. Well, I don’t know what she’s doing, but I do know that she (and her 42″ legs) posed for Maxim this month. Here’s a pic from the layout, which can be viewed in its entirety here.

This new “news” gives me an excuse to link to my favorite Stacy Keibler photo shoot – the one she did for Stuff, which was shot before she was trying to become a serious actress, so she didn’t mind if the photographer……..um……….focused on her………..um………derrier.

Anyone who can arch their back like that has to be athletic, right?

Additional Stacy Keibler photo galleries: Stuff II, Stuff III, Beauty Den, Official Women of Wrestling

Other links: Wikipedia page, official home page

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