Jones-Drew furious with Jaguars

According to a report by, Jaguars’ running back Maurice Jones-Drew is furious about the team’s play-calling, its lack of offensive identity and its constant shuffling of offensive linemen.

In a 15-minute session with reporters Wednesday, Jones-Drew ripped several aspects of his team. He even called himself the second-highest paid “decoy” in the league, behind New Orleans running back Reggie Bush.

“I don’t like to be embarrassed, so I do get upset about it,” Jones-Drew said. “You lead by actions. You can only say so much. You can talk to somebody until you’re blue in the face and they’re not going to do anything. But if you go out there and show why you’re upset and you try to do something to correct your mistakes, then they’ll pay attention.”

“It just seems like now if we don’t get 30 yards [rushing], we just go away from it,” said Jones-Drew, whose 75 carries are far less than Garrard’s 169 passes. “I’ve never been a part of a team like that.”

Jones-Drew goes on to talk about the offensive line being an issue because it’s constantly being reshuffled and never has an opportunity to gel.

I can almost write a script about what happens next. At some point before Sunday’s game against the Rams, Jones-Drew will apologize and say that he was ‘frustrated’ and ‘just wants to win.’ Then Jacksonville will go out and destroy a hapless Rams team on Sunday and winning will act like a cure-all.

Rants like these by frustrated players have a way of blowing over quickly. Nobody wants to lose 41-0 like the Jags did last week in Seattle, so players vent. Jacksonville does have a ton of issues, but for the most part the team has been competitive and guys like Jones-Drew are going to have to be patient as the young offensive line gains experience.

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Jaguars sign Jones-Drew to new four-year contract

Jaguars’ running back Maurice Jones-Drew signed a new four-year, $32.8 million contract to become one of the heist paid backs in the NFL.

The contract is believed to top the six-year, $49.1 million deal signed by Clinton Portis of the Redskins in 2006. Steven Jackson of the Rams is the highest paid running back. He signed a five-year, 48.5 million deal last season. Larry Johnson of the Chiefs is next. He has five-year, $43.14 million contract.

Jones-Drew was entering the final year of his contract and was scheduled to make $535,000.
With the release of Fred Taylor, Jones-Drew, who averaged 4.8 yards a carry during his career, becomes the team’s feature back. He had 941 yards as a rookie and last season gained 824 yards on 197 carries and rushed for 12 touchdowns.

Jones-Drew has 34 touchdowns during his three-year career.

Jones-Drew totaled 1,389 yards from scrimmage last year and added 14 touchdowns. With Fred Taylor now in New England, if Jones-Drew can stay healthy he could approach 1,700 to 1,800 total yards and another 15-20 scores. That’s certainly worth what the Jags just paid him.

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