Marcus Stroud chats with The Scores Report

Marcus Stroud is one of those players who are easy to root for. Not only is he a three-time Pro Bowler and an All-Pro, but he’s also someone that wants to play the game until his legs fall off or until they kick him out of the league. He’s been busy rehabbing his shoulder after undergoing recent surgery, but he took the time to chat with us about his thoughts on the Super Bowl, the CBA and of course, the Bills. Find out what he had to say about the NFL’s battle with the NFLPA over the use of franchise tags, as well as what Bills he believes could become future stars.

The Scores Report: Hi, this is Anthony.

Marcus Stroud: Anthony – Marcus Stoud.

TSR: Hey Marcus, how are you?

MS: Good, and you?

TSR: Doing good. You enjoying your offseason so far?

MS: Yes and no. I’m rehabbing right now.

TSR: What are you rehabbing?

MS: My shoulder. I had shoulder surgery.

TSR: How’s everything going with the rehab?

MS: It’s going pretty good. I’m actually rehabbing right now.

TSR: Oh, man! Well I appreciate your taking time to chat with me while you’re hard at work. What did you think of the Super Bowl?

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